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Topic: New Libraries Posted by Tascam

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    Exclamation New Libraries Posted by Tascam

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    Re: New Libraries Posted by Tascam

    As expected there are lots of demos & promos. These are nice. Sometimes they're useful, sometimes not. But they're nice for shopping at the least.

    There are also some real gems...

    * The Notre Dame Budapest organs will be killer, plus we get the impulse. Wow.

    * SampleTekk's Recorder and Snare.

    * Some killer SI stuff: a touch of brass and strings... Plus a Precision Bass, a Strat a B3 and a loose Yamaha kit. Time for some blues! And World Percussion. Cool.

    * A bunch of drums from Larry Seyer.

    * Westgate Guitar, percussion and trumpet.

    * Some legato samples from VSL. (Excellent. I was hoping for a taste of their famous legato.)

    * And, of course, Vienna Giga Symphony.

    Oh, and don't forget Giga Piano II.

    So, we get a lite orchestra, a piano with a new resonance concept, a killer pipe organ, a blues band, extensive percussion, and some bits and pieces.

    Not to mention a best of class sampler with a best of class resonance engine.



    PS: Note that with Ensemble you get everything but the orchestra and the cathedral. Not bad, but I'm glad that I went for the whole enchilada.

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    Re: New Libraries Posted by Tascam

    Had a chance to look through the list.

    - the Notre Dame patches look good.
    - sonic implants - con sordino will fill a small gap

    - I guess all the instruments labelled "demo" are an unknown quantity, since they may be just the odd note or reduced velocity layers.
    - Pretty surprised there is no Dan Dean in there. Is he in the sampling business any longer ?
    - wonder how the VSL Performance examples will work for people who don't have the performance tool ... maybe there is a special version included.

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    Re: New Libraries Posted by Tascam

    As Giga users will recall, a lot of the previous demos were wave files with voiceovers and the like. Some were just on octave, or a few odd notes.

    My expectation is that the demo samples won't be generally useful, unless you happen to write within the octave, or just need the middle C from the piano. That's cool, since it will be nice to get a taste of the pianos and such. Just don't expect to include anything with the word "demo" into your own music. If the demos offer more than that, we can be pleasantly surprised.


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    Re: New Libraries Posted by Tascam

    It would be very interesting to know what impulses will be shipped with the Orchestral version. (Gosh, we never let up do we.)

    I know there has been a lot of emphasis about GigaPulse not being (just) a reverb convolver, but to be honest that is all I want from it right now. I'm convinced that Orchestral is worth it for GigaPulse. Waves IR1 comes with a phenomenal set of impulses ... I wonder how GS3 will compare.

    Incidentally, I was reading the GigaPulse brochure again last night and was struck by the wording in the final paragraph. "Compare it to ultra-expensive convolving hardware boxes. Compare it to other convolution plug-ins that don’t sound as good, don’t run on the PC, or both."

    Well, how about comparing it to convolution reverbs that do sound as good or even better.

    Not that its going to alter my decision, but I wonder if anyone has had a chance to compare the basic reverb qualities of GigaPulse against IR1 or Altiverb.

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    Re: New Libraries Posted by Tascam


    Read Bruce Richardson here.

    I repeat:


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    Re: New Libraries Posted by Tascam

    Hey, that page is finally up. Wow, that's been a battle.

    The "demo" programs are, as someone already guessed, reduced key range or velocity range. For example, Post Bosendorfer 290 is reduced velocity range (still very nice and playable!) and the Emporer and Old Lady are key range limited (2-3 octaves). The Imperial Drums is a full kit, you get many of the "leakage" samples (snare bleeding into tom mics, etc.)

    They're mostly 24-bit samples, I believe.

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    Re: New Libraries Posted by Tascam

    Finally the included library is announced!, thanks

    If the orchestra/ensemble difference is only the Vienna Symphonic Library and the difference is 6gb, it means that the exclusive orchestra Vienna library included is about 6 gb. (right?) That seems a priori a very good content, even its much more larger than GPO and EWQLSO silver.

    It remain a doubt if in the mentioned 16 gb its included the gigapiano 2.


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    Re: New Libraries Posted by Tascam

    Synthetic wrote:
    > "The Imperial Drums is a full kit, you get many of the "leakage" samples (snare bleeding into tom mics, etc.)"


    I heard the Imperial Drums through GigaPulse at NAB, and loved the result. The full product includes hits from the edge to the center on each drum/snare with full velocity mapping on each stick placement. I'd assume that we will get only a single position or so on most or all of the kit. Still, this will be *very* usable. I'm impressed. If it sounds as great as I remember from NAB, I'll be saving for the full deal.


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    Re: New Libraries Posted by Tascam

    That was probably the Larry Seyer drum library you heard at NAMM. I was demoing that through GigaPulse, it's the one with the different snare poisition samples, high hat hits from edge to bell, and tom hits from rim to center. Great library.

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