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Topic: Kinda something

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    Kinda something


    this is a kind of music I'm not used to.
    Is just a way to use the new Sam session brass into something.

    http://www.archisounds.com/the land.mp3


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    Re: Kinda something

    Hi Luca,

    More of those signature harmonies and arrangements of yours. Copland and early Elmer Bernstein.

    Possibly the brass toward the end was a little overbearing and misplaced, but a small thing in such a nice work.

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    Re: Kinda something

    Hi Joanne,

    thanks. yes, you're right about the brass, and, to be honest, I'm just learning how to use better the brass section in writing, that's a very difficult task.
    So thanks for your advice.


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    Re: Kinda something

    Very cool piece Luca. I like this one a lot. Agree with Joanne about the brass in the last section. Some great ideas though, that maybe could be developed into a longer piece one of these days? That's something I'd like to hear anyway.

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    Re: Kinda something

    Hi Lux - speaking not as a producer but just as an innocent listener, I liked this a lot - I seem to like your work a lot in general, so far. I actually even liked the strident brass - *shrugs*.


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    Re: Kinda something

    Very Nice Lux!

    I loved the orchestration. You do these libraries great justice
    Michael Peter

    If music be the food of love...
    play on

    William Shakespeare


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    Re: Kinda something

    Thanks Ned, Gred and Michael.

    The piece also uses Siss mini strings, Gos lite, Advanced orchestra woods, Xsample harp and celesta, Dan dean Bassoon lite, Sam free timpani and Gtown Various percussions.
    But I did it mainly to test those Solo Sessions Brass so maybe that's because they went a little exposed .


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