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Topic: Cubase Demos

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    Cubase Demos

    I tried to load the Cubase Demos on the GPO support page. But I ran into two problems:

    1. Cubase takes FOREVER to search for the GPO samples! Does anyone know a quicker way to tell it to restrict its search to particular directories?

    2. I only have 768 megs of RAM in my notebook. I thought that would be sufficient for me to get started with GPO and that I could upgrade to more RAM at some future date when I can afford to toss a 256k chip and replace it with a 512.

    But with the demos I've tried to load, I start getting memory warnings before all the samples are loaded.

    Can someone recommend some good basic Cubase demos that don't try and load a full orchestra into RAM? So I can just see how other people approach string, brass, woodwinds, etc?

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    Re: Cubase Demos

    My version of cubase goes straight to the GPO Library folder and loads from there. No searching at all I don't remember telling it where they were, but there is a bit on the Kontakt GPO Player options screen where you can select a different directory. You could check this is set properly maybe?
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