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Topic: Happy Birthday Ron Klaren!

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    Happy Birthday Ron Klaren!

    I see from the NS Calendar that it's Ron Klaren's Birthday!

    From all of us to you, a very happy and wonderful birthday to our friend in the Netherlands.

    The GPO Community

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    Re: Happy Birthday Ron Klaren!

    This morning I woke up... feeling sad...

    My wife had to go to work, my Son is sleeping and outside it's raining... for the first time in weeks.... happy Birthday Ron....

    Than I opened outlook and found an email from Gary.... and it made me very happy indeed.... finally someone thinking about my birthday... all the way from the other side of the wolrd... what a great guy !!!

    Gary, thank you for making my day !!!

    (Ok.. ok... I actually had a great birthday so far, but I was really surprised with the mail from Gary and the folks from NS)

    See you all soon !!


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    Re: Happy Birthday Ron Klaren!

    Let me say this "eye to eye" Happy Birthday Ron!

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