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Topic: Logic v5.51 PC and GPO SUCCESS!

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    Logic v5.51 PC and GPO SUCCESS!

    Hi guys and girls,

    Tom recently posted this topic on the workarounds for Logic v5.51 on PC, whereby you can run GPO Studio side-by-side with Logic to get rid of the horrible hanging note problem. Starting GPO Studio first (as is required for this method of working) hogs the only ASIO driver in the PC (assuming you only have 1 soundcard) and when Logic is launched, it doesn't see any ASIO driver and hence an error pops up. Skipping pass that error will then render the Audio part of Logic unuseable. The logical step then to have a fully working Logic and GPO on the same computer is thus to have another ASIO soundcard installed, with one soundcard serving each application.

    Anyhow, I have been finding ways to solve this problem, including offloading GPO into a 2nd PC (PIII 933MHz - not good! See my other thread) via midi-over-lan, using FX-Teleport (which again doesn't quite work with Logic v5.51 - known buffer size issue), buying a second soundcard (which is costly!) etc etc. This lead me through a whole heap of stuff and I finally have a working solution (hopefully!) and a comment on people using EgoSys soundcard with Directwire function.

    Its funny how this is right in front of everyone's face but no one has reported on this (not that I know of anyway)! The answer is Asio4all. I believe all ASIO soundcard supports not only ASIO but also DirectSound and MME. By wrapping one of DirectSound and MME via Asio4all, you actually then have 2 ASIO drivers to choose from; 1 = WDM ASIO (soundcard's ASIO driver) and 2 = Wuschel's ASIO (Asio4all).

    This works beautifully with hardly any latency! Procedure is the same:
    (1) Fire up GPO Studio - select Wuschel's ASIO (Asio4all) driver from the Audio preference list.
    (2) Fire up Logic using the normal WDM ASIO driver.

    Before I found Asio4all, I tried running GPO Studio under DirectSound and this works, although the latency is terrible. I did a test with EVP88 loaded in Logic and created a 4 straight crotchet note bar at 190bpm. I then copied that bar into the GPO Studio 1 port (in Logic) and loaded the Steinway patch in GPO Studio. When I played back, the notes from GPO Studio is lagging so behind that the timing is nearly a quaver beat apart! After I did the wrapping in Asio4all, both parts played back right on time! Playability is awesome in both Logic (using the soundcard's ASIO driver) and GPO from Logic (using Wurchel's ASIO Asio4all driver)! So there you have it! I really hope it works for you guys!!!

    The only error I found was that GPO Studio definitely has to be launched first. Launching Logic somehow yielded a port error. You can also run Logic on Wurchel's ASIO Asio4all driver and GPO Studio on your soundcard's driver and it doesn't make any difference, both ways work equally well!

    So this is good for me as my sequencer PC is a P4 2.4GHz with 1GB RAM, and so far I can get Stylus, EVP88 in Logic and 7 instruments in GPO Studio happening with the Ambience at 100% and the CPU load in GPO Studio is maxing out only at about 45% whilst in Logic the bar hardly moved at all! Great stuff!

    Comments on Egosys soundcard users with Directwire:
    I have 2 PCs with the following hardware,
    (1) Main PC - sequencer - P4 2.4GHz, 1GB RAM, STAudio C-Port
    (2) 2nd PC - giga machine - PIII 933MHz, 512MB RAM, Egosys GigaStation

    GigaStation is an 8 analogue out card with Directwire technology. What this means is that you can internally "chain" different outputs to different drivers, i.e. I can have the GSIF output 1-2 going into ASIO input 3-4 etc.

    When Egosys bought over STAudio last year, they re-wrote the drivers for the C-Port soundcard (8 analogue in/out and 2 digital in/out). In between the release of their current driver, they had a few alpha drivers which supported multiple-ASIO functionality, meaning that you can literally have Cubase, Sonar, Logic and whatever running on the same ASIO driver. This function was later disabled in the current driver release. I was then later told (via support for ESI soundcards) that any soundcard with Directwire technology supports multiple-ASIO functionality. And apparently at present only ESI (or Egosys) have this type of driver implemented in their hardware and its called EWDM technology. So this means that users of these ESI soundcard can forgo the use of Asio4all in their system and have Logic and GPO Studio running side-by-side.

    Final note (sorry getting late here so didn't bother structuring this post!):
    The ESI driver I installed for my STAudio C-Port soundcard supports WDM KS (WDM Kernel Streaming - developed by Cakewalk for Sonar). This apparently has even lower latency than other APIs such as ASIO, DirectSound etc. Now when I did the Asio4all wrapping on the drivers, I can't select which APIs I want to wrap (i.e. I can't select to wrap Directsound, MME or WDM KS) and so the negligible latency that I got playing GPO Studio from Logic could be because Asio4all wrapped the WDM KS API (which isn't even supposed to be an API). So its yet to be seen if wrapping other drivers will produce good results.

    Anyway, sorry about the long post! I am truly excited to be able to run both side-by-side without forking out any money! And I hope all you Logic PC orphans can have success too, especially Tom who has done one awesome job with Gary on making GPO so enjoyable!

    Sleepy now...

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    Re: Logic v5.51 PC and GPO SUCCESS!


    Nice job. If it works as described, that completes the puzzle.


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    Re: Logic v5.51 PC and GPO SUCCESS!


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