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Topic: DOOM 3 and Ed Lima

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    Thumbs up DOOM 3 and Ed Lima

    Our own NS member Ed Lima is the Soundtrack Composer and Sound Designer of DOOM 3. That is a big deal in the Game industry, akin to being Michelangelo and being allowed to paint the Sistine chapel ceiling. A big deal and a huge plum for Ed Lima. Congratulations to Ed for scoring such a huge job. An interview of Ed can be found here at the Music For Games web site ( www.music4games.net ):



    Doyle W. Donehoo, Composer
    Radar Music

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    Re: DOOM 3 and Ed Lima

    cool, thanks doyle for sharing this.
    ... and congrats to ed, for getting a really huge reference on his track record now

    i still can't wait to hear all the noise and sound in action

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    Re: DOOM 3 and Ed Lima

    Ive been playing it....

    My goodness....great job Ed! I cant believe how many times Ive shat my pants just because the sound was so creepy. And that 'daemen sound off in the distance' from back in the older doom games is back!

    Youve done a brilliant job...I dont think the game would be half as scary if the sound wasnt this good.


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    Re: DOOM 3 and Ed Lima

    I once did a ragtime wad... in a past lifetime. I'll have to resurrect it sometime and see if it still loads.


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    Re: DOOM 3 and Ed Lima

    I enjoyed the game a lot, and totally flipped over the sound design. Congrats Ed, and thanks for the great work!

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    Re: DOOM 3 and Ed Lima

    Quote Originally Posted by chocothrax
    Wow Ed did it? I had thought it was Chris Vrenna.
    They were working with Trent Reznor in the beginning but he quitted due to money issues it seems.

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    Re: DOOM 3 and Ed Lima

    Did Ed ghost it? The only name that I heard associated with the Doom 3 music is Chris Vrenna (not Trent, I don't think he was ever involved in Doom 3 but was involved in Quake way back when).

    I saw Tweaker live a month ago and I thought they were average at best, but if Ed was indeed the main music dog on Doom 3 I think ID has some explaining to do (unless he contractually agreed to take the back seat and let Chris have all the credit).

    Ed, can you clarify for us?
    Music Composition for Feature Films, Television and Interactive Entertainment

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    Exclamation Re: DOOM 3 and Ed Lima

    Common guys, lets do some reading.
    Chris Vrenna did the main intro theme song. Ed did everything else. Its all in the interview as well as in some of the other related links. Shall I post them?

    If you want a tougher game to figure out who did what, try Unreal Tournament 2003.

    Doom 3 may be a stand up FPS, but remember DOOM is the grand-daddy of the FPS. Some days you just want to sit down and blow stuff up....
    Doyle W. Donehoo, Composer
    Radar Music

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    Re: DOOM 3 and Ed Lima

    Trent Reznor explains in the NIN web, answering a fan question, why he quitted Doom3 . Can take a look at it here
    in fact you can even download some of the early work he did for it here

    And in Unreal Tournament 2003 I thought all the music was by Kevin Riepl but for some tracks made by the in-house musician at Scion Studios. Btw, I have a nice remix of the UT original theme made by that guy that in the end didn't make it into UT2004. A shame, it was quite good

    Anyway, I'll have to get a new videocard to play Doom 3. Darn computers :P

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    Re: DOOM 3 and Ed Lima

    Let me say then that it's a shame that Ed isn't getting a fraction of the recognition he deserves. I think it's really lame that guys like Chris Vrenna (undoubtedly a nice guy and all) get most (if not all) of the attention while the real creative force gets brushed aside. I know that Ed is probably not nearly as upset by this as I am, but it is a frustrating trend in the entertainment industry and I really wish someone would stand up to it (for example by requesting provisions in the contract that reserve all of the composers' names to be featured in the promotional pr material that goes out).

    Lastly, an off the subject comment to Guybrush....how are the monkeys treating ya?
    Music Composition for Feature Films, Television and Interactive Entertainment

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