These fx-max products seem very interesting from my point of view.

Here's what I've got (it's a bit complicated so please bare with me)


P4 3.06, RME HDSP9652 (@3 ms latency), yamaha sw1000+plugstation, Win XP home SP1, Cubase SX2, FLS, VSTi's etc.


P4 2.4, RME Multiface (@1.5ms latency), Win XP home SP1, Gigastudio 2.54 (soon to be 3), FLS, Cubase 5.2b, similar vsti's as DAW 1

Although the main sequencing (SX2) is on DAW1, monitoring is from DAW 2 as the 9652 does not have an analogue out. I have to use the 9652 in DAW 1 because it requires several ADAT connections.


DAW 1---->ADAT Out----->ADAT In DAW 2-----> monitoring

However, stuff on DAW 2 being triggered from DAW 1 SX2 midi tracks has to be sent back to DAW 1 for processing in SX2 and then back out to DAW 2 (with the rest of the SX2 audio) for monitoring.


DAW 1 midi out------> DAW 2 (giga, vsti host)-> audio----> DAW 1 (SX2 processing)------> ADAT Out-----ADAT In DAW 2 ------> monitoring

I still think about the current routing / potential routing in this setup !

My questions are:

1. Does this seem reasonable or am I missing a glaringly obvious improvement ?

2. Could FX-max software help, and if so, how ? Will it improve any potential latency issues ?