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Topic: Acer Laptop Friendly?

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    Question Acer Laptop Friendly?

    Garritan has been recommended to be by my old music teacher but i don't really want to buy it and then find it won't run properly on my computer! I have an Acer Aspire 1705SCi (3Ghz P4, 1GB RAM, On board sound & graphics... - "SiS 7012 Audio Controller"). I will be using the personal orchestra samples (and the Steinway Piano) with Sibelius 3.

    Even though the computer has a good spec, the sound card is pathetic, so i just want to make sure that i will be able to use your software if i buy it!

    Any thoughts?

    Thank you!

    (Apologies if I've posted this message in the wrong place - at first glance this seemed the best one!)

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    Re: Acer Laptop Friendly?

    I use GPO on my laptop (which is a Dell, P4 2.8 Ghz, 512 MB of ram, with the crummy onboard sound) and while it doesn't do as well as my laptop I get very good performance overall. I don't think there is any reason GPO would not work with your laptop considering its configuration and Acer makes a pretty darn good laptop. You will be able to use the WDM or DirectX drivers of your onboard soundcard, but there will be some performance advantage if you ever decide to opt for a PCMIA card from Echo with ASIO architecture (which I've been foaming at the mouth for but just can't justify.) I recommend getting the Indigo from Echo Audio for your laptop if you decide this is the route you want to go, it's only 130 bucks from MTLC.net or ZzSounds.com.

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    Smile Re: Acer Laptop Friendly?

    OK - I will go for it then I think! Thanks for the (extremely) quick response! I am a student though (and not studying music) so I might wait and see if it works OK without a new PCMCIA sound card...!

    Thank you again for your help!

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