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Topic: Please Help Me Find This Sound :-)

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    Red face Please Help Me Find This Sound :-)

    Hello All ,
    I'm not sure if this is the best place to ask the question , but what the heck , I'm hoping somebody would be kind enough to head me in the right direction in finding a specific sound .. I need to find out what sound was used for a classic ABBA song ..Take A Chance . It's the very first synth sound which comes in after the inital vocal intro playing the repeated 5ths.. Is there any sample cd I can buy which would have it ? Or any other source ? Any help would be greatly apprecitaed ..



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    Re: Please Help Me Find This Sound :-)

    Perhaps an Arp Odyssey --- may try G-Media's Oddity for modern emulation.

    Now i have that bloody tune in my head!!!!

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    Re: Please Help Me Find This Sound :-)

    It sounded like a typical FM synth patch, maybe an ARP, as SWL suggests. Possibly a Moog. I know there's a huge ABBA fanbase and I bet you could find the actual synth by searching the net for ABBA fan sites.

    Native Instruments makes some great FM soft synths, like the FM7 and Pro-53.
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