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Topic: Halion 3 copy protection a joke

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    Halion 3 copy protection a joke

    A bad joke indeed.
    Expect a few extra gray hair when trying to authorize the dongle from a remote computer.
    Compare to the NI scheme, this has to be the most backward, inefficient CP I have used in a long time. I have some deadlines to make and just wasted about an hour. The copy protection manual is so lame I'd cry:
    "Operating conditions:
    Please enter the activation code. Confirm by clicking <Enter> ."
    Except they don't tell you where to retrieve the @#$%^%^ activation code

    Get on with the program Pinacle!

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    Re: Halion 3 copy protection a joke

    Little update.
    I spent 30 minutes on hold to talk to a Steinberg tech that told me the dongle I received didn't need to be authorized at the first place. Just plug and play. Funny part is that the Halion pdf read me file asks you to go online in order to authorize your dongle
    Beats me

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    Re: Halion 3 copy protection a joke

    Thanks for the info. I keep my system dongle free. I won't buy any products that require a dongle.

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