Whilst currently a few stops short of the 30 odd stop specification planned, I have uploaded a screen shot of the GS interface for pipe organ together with a specific GS demo of the Widor Andante from Symphony V. on the web site (details below)

Obviously, under the current GS version it is not possible to play great handfulls of stops and enormous chords with couplers engaged without overloading the program (we have run the processor up to 150+% and maxxed out easily to 160 voices many times over) but it could be run on several computers to alleviate this effect though I'm not sure how the interface would work since I've not tried it.

The new GS version will of course handle everything adequately subject to system capabilities.

For those that haven't realised what this interface does, it works in real time and directly, using GS as the sound engine. Connect it to a Midi organ console and all the stops, pistons, octave couplers, unison offs etc. work perfectly as they would in real life. I'm not sure how it all does it since it is my mate Graham who has worked out this side of things - I just create the samples....

Rather than post individual links, those interested will find the relevant info on the news page of our site @ www.silveroctopus.co.uk together with other demos on Hauptwerk including the Gigout Grand Choeur, Bach Gigue Fugue etc. etc.

The samples, loops and release transients are identical for either system so it is merely the different engines, sound cards and reverb plug-ins that will make a difference to the end result. Some of the regulation / balance of individual stops may differ since he has different ears to mine however, this is not a problem since it is easily rectified by individual setting of the various stops and/or manual and pedal departments in relation to the others within GS.

Enjoy !