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Topic: Audio Dropouts - Sonar Experts Please Help

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    Smile Audio Dropouts - Sonar Experts Please Help

    Hello Everybody,

    I am experiencing audio dropouts using Sonar Producer Edition (no effects added) with no more than 10 to 15 instruments. The CPU meter gets to around 35-40% and things started falling apart right and left.

    I have a P4 2.4GHZ 400 FSB with 1.5 GB of memory. I have an MAudio Delta 44 audio card that supports both ASIO and WDM drivers. I have UDMA 133MHZ adapters with 7200 RPM EIDE drives.

    I have talked to many people who give many suggestions, but symptoms change and I am getting more and more confused on how I should optimze my audio system.

    Can anyone that has a successfully running system with Sonar give me a list of settings on their system (for Sonar and sound card). Do this, do this, do this, etc. would be great. I have tried things like incresing latency (which drives me nuts on playing my keyboard), increasing buffer sizes, number of buffers, etc. Help!!!

    Any input would be greatly appreciated!

    Gary Young
    Gary Young

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    Re: Audio Dropouts - Sonar Experts Please Help

    Are you getting dropouts recording or just playing back? Make sure hyper-threading is disabled. Turn off DFD is you have this version. What soundcard are you using?

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    Re: Audio Dropouts - Sonar Experts Please Help

    Hmm, I've got a much weaker system (1.7 gHz and 768 RAM) and can typically get that many instruments or more and some FX in Sonar just fine. Had some hang-ups when I first tried exporting things, but worked that out by raising the I/O buffer (Options>Audio>Advanced) and changing from the ASIO driver to the WDM. And yes, I've found the DFD version can cause troubles when exporting.

    Dropouts during recording/playback are a different thing than the exporting problem I was having, but futzing with the same buffer settings might help. Ah, perhaps not, as I just reread your message.

    Also, are you running other programs in the background? Anti-virus, etc.? And here's a possibly significant question - is one of the instruments the Steinway Grand? I've found that I can't successfully use that instrument with more than 4 or 5 other instruments, though with your system strength it really shouldn't be an issue for you.
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    Post Re: Audio Dropouts - Sonar Experts Please Help

    Thanks for the input!

    To answer everybody's questions; I have tuned the system (running in Standard PC mode instead of ACPI - Killled system services and other programs, yada yada yada...). The audio dropouts happen on playback.

    I hope this helps. Anybody got any more ideas about settings?

    Thanks again!

    Gary Young
    Gary Young

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    Re: Audio Dropouts - Sonar Experts Please Help


    I agree with Shazbot. You should have plenty of juice, so...

    The CPU meter gets to around 35-40%
    I'm assuming that this is the CPU level when you're playing back, not your idle number.

    Is the dropout indicator in SONAR coming on, or are they just audible dropouts?

    I've noticed that, on quick transients, the SONAR CPU meter doesn't always respond, so your transient CPU use may be higher. Partly it's the number of audio tracks that affect the CPU (which you'd notice at idle), but with GPO/Kontakt (like other soft synths), the polyphony is a major CPU burner.

    I'd suggest trying to isolate the offending track(s) by muting all the midi and then bringing them in one-by-one. Also, use the scrub tool in the staff or piano roll view and "play" any heavily polyphonic spots--hold down the mouse button and blast it--and take a look at your CPU meter.

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    Re: Audio Dropouts - Sonar Experts Please Help

    If you are using WDM just increase the latency. I've notice with S3 I have to move the latency up a bit.

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