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Topic: New Job, What should I buy?

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    Question New Job, What should I buy?

    I am going to be taking on a new job and will be able to buy some new software. I came up with the following list based on the stuff I currently have at home, and have had success with, and some wish list items. Please advise me if If you have a better solution in the same price range. Also keep in mind that I will only have 1 computer although it will be fast with a ton of ram etc.

    1) EWQL Gold for orch sounds (already own it and love it)

    2) EWQL Stormdrum (to cover drums and percussion)

    3) Ultrafocus (I have atmosphere at home but wonder if this is the new synth bad boy on the block. Any thoughts?...)

    4) Halion 3 (I currently own Halion 2 and like it. I will not use gigastudio)

    5) Plugsound Box (for generic type instruments, guitars, pianos, etc.)

    6) X-Treme FX (sound effects, etc)

    I wresteld with the last two but I need decent sound effects and the plugsound box has a ton of guitars, synths, drums, pianos etc for a reasonable price. I considered Hypersonic but am not as impressd with the sounds as the plugsound box stuff. (I own Plugsound fretted instruments and while it's not "Godlike" it does have quite a few decent sounds for the money)

    I'm missing some good ethnic stuff (Rare Insrtuments? Ethnoworld2?) I'm not sure if they will spend any more money so I may have to do without for now.

    Am I hitting most of the bases here? I'll be useing Cubase SX as the sequencer.

    Any additional insight would be greatly appreciated.

    All the very best,


    PS Perhaps some developer or distributor could give me a bulk discount???!!!!

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    Re: New Job, What should I buy?

    No Giga huh... That's too bad. I think Giga is losing customers. But there will be some cool libraries coming out soon.

    Anyways, I've heard rumous about Rare Instruments 2, so you may want to think/search on that. Other than that, I would say make sure to try out the demos of all the things you've listed. You didn't specify what music you're aiming to make so it's hard to recommend anything specific.

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    Re: New Job, What should I buy?


    I will need to write all types of music. that's why I'm trying to cover all of the bases. I am familiar with Gold and know I can't go wrong with Stromdrum. It's trying to cover the rest of the bases that's a little tough. Is Plugsound Box a good solution for the money?


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    Re: New Job, What should I buy?


    I have Atmosphere in my home studio and do love it. I was wondering if Ultra Focus would be a newer, better alternative? Any thoughts?


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    Re: New Job, What should I buy?

    I think you would be hard pressed to beat atmosphere. Another reason is what Eric Persing used to create it - check here:


    You'll see what Spectrasonics used to create it and the list is very impressive - check it out.

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