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Topic: Help with Akai + PC problem

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    Help with Akai + PC problem


    I use Sonar 3 Producer on Windows XP.

    I made a mistake and purchased Quantum Leap Guitar to use with Kompakt in Akai format.

    The problem is, my PC will not even recognize the disk in the CD-rom player.

    Any suggestions on how I can use this?

    Or should I try to return it for another format (if Sounds Online will let me)?


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    Re: Help with Akai + PC problem

    CDXtract will convert it to what ever format you want. Most importantly it will make your disk readable by your machine.



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    Re: Help with Akai + PC problem


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    Re: Help with Akai + PC problem

    Kompakt will read your Akai files without the use of any other utilites. In order to access akai files, you need to open them from within Kompakt's sample browser. Make sure you go into Kompakt's option menu and make sure the option to see Akai files in the sample browser is on.

    Kompakt will import AKAI S-1000/S-3000, Kontakt, SF2, EXS, Gigasampler, AIFF and WAV without any additional software.

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    Re: Help with Akai + PC problem

    Doesn't Sonar come with VSampler?

    I don't know for certain, but shouldn't it be able to import Akai format?

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    Re: Help with Akai + PC problem

    VSampler has been hit and miss with the Akai import. Kompakt, Giga, Halion, and EXS do a much better job. Sometimes VSampler will not open all the partitions on the Akai discs.

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