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Topic: HELP!!! Decision to make!

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    HELP!!! Decision to make!

    This was the coming week I was all set to make my purchase of GPO and jump on board. I have been nothing short of impressed with the GPO support community and Mr. Garritan's unfailing devotion to make GPO one of the top products out there.

    But here's my dilemna. I have also been highly intrigued by the anticipated arrival of Gigastudio 3. As it turns out, orders are now being taken. To make matters more interesting, I qualify for the academic discount ($329 for GS3 Orchestra). Every beta tester I've talked to has said that the Gigapiano 2 sample set along with Gigapulse beats every other piano out there.

    It is this (along with the included VSL library) which is going to make this a difficult decision. My budget won't allow me to get both GS3 and GPO.

    From what I gather, GPO is much better in terms of ease of use and managability, not to mention Tascam's deplorable track record of customer service. Plus, there is no other product out there that seems to have the community support thing going like this place.

    What do you guys think? Which way should I go? Whatever decision I make will be the direction I'm taking my home studio. Which do you think has more upside? I'm not in a financial position to have both and I really don't want to deal with the hassle of having different platforms.

    Any input would be deeply appreciated!!

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    From what I gather, GPO is much better in terms of ease of use and managability, not to mention Tascam's deplorable track record of customer service. Plus, there is no other product out there that seems to have the community support thing going like this place.
    Seems to me like you've answered the question for yourself. I know others here will tell you the same I am about to. You just can't go wrong with GPO and besides, the other stuff will always be there.

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    Re: HELP!!! Decision to make!

    Styxx is right.
    Ask yourself this very question,.....

    who is going to help me with GS3?

    GPO is FANTASTIC, who cares if another library has 200 samples of a flute. Hmmmm? which one should I use, I better listen to them all.
    Life is too short, get GPO. You won't be disappointed. Let me tell you this, I was far more impressed once I got GPO and could listen to the sounds myself, I couldn't believe it.

    We're all here for you, and we're ready for your questions!

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    Re: HELP!!! Decision to make!

    Got Gigastudio and Kontakt and if it wasn't for non orchestral samples (LastLibs Acoustic Bass and Diva) I wouldn't touch them. GPO all the way.

    Let me elaborate on my opinion some.

    If you have a decent setup (read the minimum specs for GPO) then I feel that you'll get started more easily with GPO. My first foray into music at all was with GPO and to be a complete music 'idiot' it was pretty smooth sailing. Keep in mind that all these nice folks on the forum made life tremendously easier. I wanted my orchestral sounds as more a backing for other projects, but GPO can easily take the forefront.

    Gigastudio is nice, don't get me wrong, but there are more issues on that side of the fence. Do you have a GSIF compatible card, if you don't, you're gonna have to get one. There's also integrating it with your setup. As you can probably tell from reading the forum. You may wish to have multiple Gigastudio PC's to get the size orchestra you are wanting and to get it stable. This means more PC's, more money, and more trouble. You may wish to keep it all on one machine, that means less polyphony in some cases, it means you'll be limited as to what you can do, and it means that unless you invest in the VST wrapper from FX-Max you may have trouble getting it to run alongside your sequencer (and routing the audio back into it for effects processing.)

    GPO is a straightforward VST instrument, just like any you may have used up to this point. As stated below, it comes with just about everything you need to get started initially and you can build up from there. Gary is the king of support and the forum is about the best community there is. There's also some nice updates coming down the road, Big Band add-on, and some other minor library updates (more aggressive strings and brass.)

    It all depends... Everyone has they're opinion obviously. I'm sure the VSL library included with Giga 3 is nice, as well as the Gigapiano 2 and Gigapulse, but there are things to keep in mind as to compatibility issues with your setup. I don't know, I just like GPO's ease of use. It's sound quality is on par with everything else, so don't feel like you're missing out on that level. I also like the programming to get away from endless articulations. I don't know, its hard to say. All I can tell you is that if you thought about it initially I don't see why Giga 3 should particularly change your mind. For one, you're going on word of mouth at this point. Who know's what Giga 3 sounds like with the included library, I haven't heard any demo's yet. Go with your gut, I guess, is about the only sound advice I can give.

    In a quiet hypnotic voice: get GPO, get GPO, get GPO...
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    Re: HELP!!! Decision to make!

    I too am an enthusiastic GPO owner; however, you do have a difficult decision.

    What kind of music do you compose - how do you compose? Since you are a student probably with a limited budget, GPO comes bundled with a (lite but still powerful) notation program (Overture SE) and a (lite but adequate) sequencer Cubasis, and the GPO Studio to interface with Overture. If you have need for any of these, then GPO will be much cheaper and will get you on your way faster than any other set up. Buy GPO, then simply start making music and stop browsing all the other things to buy (there is A LOT). You won't need them until later, if ever - but you may want them.

    If you do not need the notation program nor the sequencer, then the path is not as clear. GPO still offers better support and this community.

    Good luck,

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    Re: HELP!!! Decision to make!

    Thanks guys for your words of encouragement and advice. You have given me a lot to think about.

    Joseph, as far as my computer specs, I'm good to go on that. I have a Pentium 4 2.6Ghz, 1 GB Ram, 7200rpm 8MB Cache 120GB hard drive and an Echo Audio MidiMia card (which is on Tascam's GSIF2 list for driver compatibility). So computer specs isn't an issue with me. I also have Cakewalk Home Studio 2004 XL and Band in a Box 2004. I also have picked up copies of Edirol's SoftSynth series (Hyper Canvas, Super Quartet and Orchestral HQ). It's a decent beginner setup. I also use my Yamaha S80 to control everything (awesome MIDI controller capabilities and a roadworthy keyboard IMO).

    My next step is to get into a dedicated software sampler. I really want to be able to augment my jazz influence with a Gil Evans type of sound. I don't really have a classical background, but I hear a string quartet and a jazz trio in my mind sometimes (weird?). So my motivation here is to have those sounds. GPO would be a nice way for me to break the ice into traditional scoring, orchestration and notation.

    I guess GPO it is. I will be placing my order in a couple of days.

    Thanks Guys.

    BTW, is there any plans for GPO to implement impulse/convolution technology into future updates? I was just curious because a couple of studio cats I know are really getting into things like Altiverb. They say that convolution technology is the future in sampling technology and it will eventually surpass multisampling as state of the art. Any thoughts on that?

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    Re: HELP!!! Decision to make!

    There was talk of implementing convolution/impulse technology into GPO, but I don't know where it ended up.

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    Re: HELP!!! Decision to make!

    Garritan has posted that he has some 32,000+ impulses sampled! So I'm sure we'll see something in the future ...

    But for the time being there is the free SIR (impulse reverb) vst plugin for PC (do a search here or at google or at www.kvr-vst.com) and all the free impulses at www.noisevault.com. That should keep you busy for months on end.

    Also, Garritan is currently working on an add-on for GPO that is intended for the jazz/big band sound. So, if jazz is important to you, in the nearest future, GPO will have something specific for you.

    My only hesitation in recommending GPO, is that Giga3 will probably have the best sounding sampled piano technology in the new Giga Piano. Some people (just about every pianist that I know!) has to have the best. The GPO pianos sound great but if you are one of those persons that will feel terrible not having the best, well ...

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    Re: HELP!!! Decision to make!

    Quote Originally Posted by SWardle
    Thanks guys for your words of encouragement and advice. You have given me a lot to think about.

    My next step is to get into a dedicated software sampler.
    This statement makes me think your decision is NOT quite that simple. GPO is not a sofware sampler -- it uses a software sampler playback engine (Kontakt Player), but you can only use that player with GPO.

    I would characterize GPO as a great "starter orchestra in a box", with fantastic customer and user support.

    Regarding GS3, no one can really make any comments about it or its bundled sounds because it hasn't been released yet. The GS3 Orchestral version IS bundled with GIGAPulse. You might have some setup difficulties with it, but I must correct an earlier post. You don't need any VST wrapper to run GIGAStudio and sequencer software on the same machine. As with any sampler, you would have to spend additional money to buy sample libraries (if you want more than the content bundled with GS3).

    You probably can't be "too wrong" by purchasing GPO to start. I see MTLC.net is selling it for US $229:

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    Re: HELP!!! Decision to make!

    No, you don't have to wrap Gigastudio as a VST. That is one option available that I really like though as I don't particularly enjoy dumping each track to a wav (right now) and thing bringing it back into the sequencer/audio program for effects processing. Wrapping it as a VST allows you to get the audio into a VST capable sequencer realtime, something that Gigastudio lacks in standalone mode (unless your soundcard has internal routing capabilities.) I did not mean to insinuate that it was necessary to wrap Giga as a VST to use it alongside a sequencer, I was mearly pointing out a possibility. As far as I know without wrapping Giga to VST, external routing into a soundcard, dumping the wav files, or internal soundcard routing there is no 'easy' way to use Giga within a sequencing environment. Giga is standalone in a pure sense of the word.

    And yes, GPO is integrated fully into the Kontakt player, but can be used with the full version of Kontakt where each and every facet of the programming can be manipulated if you so desire. There is a nice upgrade path to Kontakt that I personnaly took advantage of.

    As far as I'm concerned you can't go wrong by owning it all if the situation merits it and when your budget can afford it. Most people on the forum would agree the more is better 9 times out of 10.

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