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Topic: Thanks to Bruce

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    Thanks to Bruce

    Whatever we may have to say about the last few months, whatever challanges there may have been, one thing has been there for us to count on: Bruce. He's provided an invaluable service to the Giga community with his thorough looks at new features, explanations of murky points and unfailing enthusiasm. Regardless of whatever else is going on, I say we all take some time out of our busy schedules to mirror back our gratefulness for the time that he keeps giving to us.

    Three cheers for Bruce!

    P.S. Thanks to grimfrog for thinking of the idea.

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    Re: Thanks to Bruce

    Indeed Bruce Richardson give us much of his time!
    He is a very courageous man.
    I thank you very much and I always read your comments because they are very helpful.

    Of course we all like more or less GS for music and in the meantime Tascam stay a 99,95% hardware Company experimenting a new approach to the Software side.

    Thank you very much Bruce!

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    Re: Thanks to Bruce

    Yes, despite differences of opinion about Tascam ... I always enjoy reading and find enlightening what Bruce has to say. Cheers.

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    Talking Re: Thanks to Bruce

    There are three types of readers of Bruce's comments.
    The ones who know they know better, the ones who think they know better and the ones who know they do not know too much at all ( I belong to this humble group). I just print out all what Bruce is so generously gives us, and try his advise, or at least try to understand what he is talking about.
    So, I said this before, now again: Thanks, and PLEASE keep it up, do not let anyone p you off,


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    Re: Thanks to Bruce

    I am another one who prints out what Bruce says, and finds his writings extemely helpful.
    Thanks for all your help Bruce, and keep up the good work :-)


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    Thumbs up Re: Thanks to Bruce

    Bruce must be from the Himalayas. Definitely a Guru.

    Once more, I think they should HIRE this man.

    Thanx, Bruce, you continue to ease the pain of waiting and the nervousness of a soon-to-be GIGA newcomer.

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    Re: Thanks to Bruce

    Indeed. Thanks for the info on Gigapulse!
    Should there be an additional forum called "Ask Bruce"? ;-)

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    Re: Thanks to Bruce

    Thank you for all of those very kind comments. I really enjoy this community, and the great people here, and the direction and growth of music technology means a lot to me. It is nice to hear that some of my rambling is useful...for me it's just a nice theraputic way to kick back and take a break from the grind.

    Thanks again.

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    Thumbs up Re: Thanks to Bruce

    Yes, a definite 3 cheers for Bruce!! Always helpful and enlightening, and I am now looking forward to Giga 3 as well!

    Thanks Bruce,


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    Wink Re: Thanks to Bruce

    Bruce, a PS:
    I just noticed that you are in Dallas. To increase the value of my praise for you, Dallas has a part called Sachse. The name is after William Sachse, a pioneer of the area who was my great-great uncle. In his memory then:
    Thanks again..

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