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Topic: Program / Bank Changes

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    Program / Bank Changes

    I just thought of a feature that seems so obvious, I can't understand why GS doesn't have it, and depserately think it needs:

    There should be a way to assign an instrument a bank/patch change when it's loaded into GS. Currently the only way to do it is to use the instrument editor, and then it's only hard wired. It would make my life so much easier to be able to do this. Does anyone else agree? Can anyone figure why this option isn't there??

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    Re: Program / Bank Changes

    I complained about the fixed bank/patch thing two years ago or so...

    They now have "Quick Edit". Not only can you change the bank patch, but a bunch of other stuff. And when you save it, the information is in the performance file, rather than the gig. I expect to use this a lot when doing unique setups.

    I haven't actually used it, so I'm making a small assumption here (that bank/patch is in Quick Edit - there's a lot of stuff on that panel), but I'm almost positive that I'm right. If not, Bruce or other hands-on people can set this straight.


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    Re: Program / Bank Changes

    Oh man I hope so - but I thought I read something on the VSL board about that from Dave Govett where he said no. Let me double check.

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    Re: Program / Bank Changes

    "Does anyone know if Gigastudio 3 will allow assigning bank and instruments numbers without going into the giga-editor and changing the .gig file itself? "

    David Govett-
    "Sorry but you still need to use the editor for that. Its both a cool thing and a hinderance to be able to hardwire instrument bank & patches. At least is has the ability to respond to bank & patch. Some products dont. "

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    Re: Program / Bank Changes

    Strange. I've heard that they now allow program stacking on the same channel - something like what Kontakt does. That allows multiple banks/programs to be played from a single channel at the same time. And they have all the power of MIDI rules. With all of that, there must be a way to manipulate bank/channel data at the performance level.

    Oh well. I have been editing all of my gigs to have unique bank numbers for each sample set, and unique program numbers for each articulation. It's served me well so far. I'd like to do that at the performance level, but I won't die if I can't.


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    Re: Program / Bank Changes

    The "bank/patch manager" is a really easy way of changing patch and bank numbers (you'll find it in the popup menu when you right click in the Loaded Instruments list). Fantastic - just what we needed.

    Except that those clowns at Tascam forgot to add the bank/patch info to the performance file. So when you quit GS3, the information is lost.

    Which (as far as I can make out) makes the Bank/Patch Manager about as much use as a chocolate teapot.

    So, like others who have posted here, I'm still having to change the bank/patch numbers using the instrument editor, same as with GS 2.5.

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    Re: Program / Bank Changes

    I'd assume that would be one of the first bugs we'll see fixed. Unlike the stability/instability that different system see, this is a strightforward bug fix for an important bug.

    I'd also assume that we won't hear much about the schedule for any future updates after all of the 'we want inside information"/"how dare your internal estimates be wrong" stuff of the past year.

    Regardless, I'm making better music now that I had in the past. Can't ask for more than that.


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