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Topic: Learning control: Cello

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    Learning control: Cello


    This is my first, humble post to this marvelous forum.
    I was interested, what kind of nuances could be achieved with GPO cello. Here´s the link to my first try.

    In addition to usual modulation I used some EQing to mimic pressure changes of the bow.


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    Re: Learning control: Cello

    I received a "link not found." And your piece sounds very interesting...

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    Re: Learning control: Cello

    Thanks, just a whimsical set of notes to try out the idea . The cellos seemed a bit too full bowed to my ears, and I thought the bow pressure should fluctuate more so I tried to increase variation a bit with EQ. Elemental trick I guess, but somewhat pleasing to my ears.

    I have to figure out how to use this forum,
    maybe I´ll manage to create working links.


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    Re: Learning control: Cello

    Hi ... Link worked OK for me ...

    I enjoyed the work you did.

    I'm new to the forum myself, and my first contribution was a short snippet done with the specific intent of applying myself to the guinarius solo violin. Special reference to trying to get it to sound real.

    So I am especially interested in and respectful of what you have done here.

    You've done another on in another post .. I'm going over to have alisten to that

    Glyn Powell

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    Re: Learning control: Cello


    Welcome to the forum! Very fine use of one of the GPO solo cellos. I really like what you did with the tweaking to emulate bowing. The composition itself is excellent.

    You are going to find some very nice surprises with the cello (and other instruments) when the new updates are posted. You'll find your options expanded.

    Thanks you for posting this. Keep up the great work GPO YO YO Ma!

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: Learning control: Cello

    wow, GREAT job!
    the articualtions are quite realistic!

    If you had not told me this was GPO I would have thought you recorded a live cello player!

    But I bet you have a good feel for the instrument as well.
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