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Topic: Cello articulations again

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    Cello articulations again

    Hello again!

    Ok, the link doesn´t seem to work.
    So, heres´s the address:



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    Re: Cello articulations again

    Lot's of articulations there. Some of it very realistic, some not very. When you alter the sound, either the pitch or the loudness/expression, the results sound sometimes more realistic but often crude -- it this because of using a joystick or something to try to 'play' the expression? When there are double stops, the lack of human tuning really shows, too.

    Thanks for the examples; 'cello articulation is something I've been wrestling with too -- my recent examples #2-4 are at a temporary home page site (with a score excerpt) and the larger example #5 is at my soundclick music page and called 'Name this song'.

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    Re: Cello articulations again

    True, I used my midi controller to blast the alternating crescs/dims, but didn´t guite hit the right places. To record velocity changes live was recommended somewhere, so a tried, but as you mentioned, it sounds guite crude in some places. It is a tricky business to get things in place. Thanks for your opinions!

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    Re: Cello articulations again

    hah ... same peice as the other one.

    I did the rough 'live' ... but knew even then that I was going to get into the editor.

    thing is ... playing with the keyboard, I bring presuppositions which are entirely inappropriate to the actual playing of the other instrument. The instrument being represented ... in my case, the violin.

    So with all the time in the world, I am able to change the bits where I was thinking like a pianist.

    Listening to your cello .. there are some fast upward arpeggios ... clean and smooth. I'm sure there is something extra you could do for those in the edit screen.

    I like the composition ... it is a style that makes a lot of sense to me and also takes no prisoners when it comes to the emulation. I cannot have simplistic expectations to obscure my appreciation of what you are actually DOING with that cello. I think you chose to do a heroic and very honest peice with which to study making the cello real. Much respect to you and I am very much looking forward to hearing yyour nect and improved version of this. You've gone to far into it and I am keen to hear the results of you're coninuing with this.

    Pleased to meet you

    Glyn Powell

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