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Topic: Vocaloid software demo

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    Vocaloid software demo

    For what its worth to you guys, there is now a tryout software demo available from Zero-G. www.zero-g.co.uk/index.cfm I believe.

    Very limited, just uses Miriam singing four words, but still fun and enlightening to try. No save, 30 days expiration, etc.


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    Re: Vocaloid software demo

    Yeah Carl ! I tried it out a few days ago and i am astonished from the results, that software seriously Kicks .... ( yeah that word )

    And by the way ,i read that Miriam is the "Adiemus" vocalist . If you apply just a little bit of reverb, that thing is a mockup by itself, awesome , awesome.
    Theo Krueger - Composer


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    Re: Vocaloid software demo

    I don't think it's actually her, just a replica. But in either case it doesn't sound at all like Miriam imo. I am still interested in Vocaloid Miriam, but it just doesn't sound as cool as I was wishing.

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    Re: Vocaloid software demo

    Yeah, maybe for singing actual words it won't be that good ,but i think that the Vowels you can use like "Aah" "eeh" "ooh" and all that stuff in section and SATB format when applied proper Legato and vibrato to all notes will be good
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