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Topic: Violin Mockup Techniques :

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    Violin Mockup Techniques :

    I originally posted this at the GPO discussion (even though it doesn't use GPO samples ) , but i thought people in here might find it usefull as well . So i copy pasted it :
    ( as written in http://www.northernsounds.com/forum/...117#post189117

    I tried making a small "mock up" tutorial for violin but it can be used for other sounds as well like Guitar , Oboe, and generally Pitch Bend oriented instruments :

    1 ) First of all , apply some reverb to the general sound so all the attacks and pitch bends/controllers blend together better :

    2 ) Velocity is one of the most important things when mocking up :

    Velocity And Note Lengths

    3 ) As you can see in the picture below, there is even some -really- small pitch bend with the value of some cents, that's the way i imagine it played . The legato ( 0 to another distant value ) as you can see has a little bit of extra data as well . Don't forget to ZERO your pitch wheel exactly at the start of the next note or else you will have a weird "bending click" :

    Pitch Bend - For legato and Micro-Expressions

    4 ) Expression is the No1 important thing , i believe it's a small form of art to draw expression ( and controllers in general ) as you have to draw Exponential Curves or just Linear depending on the situation :

    Expression - For dynamics and removing attack from some notes

    5 ) The final Result :

    Violin Mock Mp3

    Sorry for the Sound Page , you will have to scroll to the bottom of the page to download the Mp3 .

    ( note : This is -not- a GPO Samples violin, it's just a small freeware one )


    Part 2 :

    6 ) You can also draw a very small detailed Bend/Vibrato for only one note and then use it at on all notes Via Copy Pasting that small "template" so it applies to all notes , that way you can even make your samples act like they are coming out of a synth ( Bend synchronised with Tempo , You can do the same sort of sync effects with Expression / Modulation and other controllers as well ) :

    Vibrato "Template" Image

    Vibrato Template Mp3

    If you can use a violin with different samples for each note, like FF ,PP ,Spiccato ETC , your results will be astonishing
    Theo Krueger - Composer


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    Re: Violin Mockup Techniques :

    Thanks, really insightful.
    I like the pitch bend thing, never thought of that...it put more realism and it's less dull of a sound.

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    Re: Violin Mockup Techniques :

    Yeah Elfen , If you imagine every instrument in a song like a character playing and performing his own part in a story, you will need to add their expressions as well, either they are sad , happy or just plain bored .

    If you take a speech sample from the radio for example, and you start messing up with the pitch of some Phrazes/Words/Syllables ( at about Half Semitone +/- ) you will see that the Power/Expression of that Speech changes . You can even make a simple phraze become a question by pitch bending it correctly

    It's the same way with instruments, you can make your violin ask : "Hey ,how is it going guys ?!! " while before it would be saying " Gee, i'm so bored here..."

    hehehhe, or something like that :P
    Theo Krueger - Composer


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    Re: Violin Mockup Techniques :

    Surely something I will remember! I'm too straighforward most of the time!


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    Re: Violin Mockup Techniques :

    Very nice Theodor!

    Great insight. This thread helps to open up a little inspiration.
    Ahhhhh off to writing music now.

    (The Nut )


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    Re: Violin Mockup Techniques :

    I am very happy to see that you guys found it useful

    I'll be making a few more of those Images/Mp3's very soon for Cello expression, Chinese Erhu/Cello playing , Natural Choir Legato's , Guitar and other stuff ; hopefully if time allows i'll start today . Catch !
    Theo Krueger - Composer


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    Re: Violin Mockup Techniques :

    A great of this information and more is covered in the Alexander Publishing Writing For Strings/Living Music Book. Complete information can be found at:

    Peter L. Alexander
    Learn it right the first time.

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