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Topic: Cello Mockup Techniques :

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    Lightbulb Cello Mockup Techniques :

    In the same style as the previous post "Violin Mockup Techniques" i also made this today :

    Generally when midi-ing Cello i use only downward Pitch Bends and only a few cents upwards because bending a sample upwards makes it sound Brighter and harsher/Faster vibrating etc.
    When you bend something downwards, it just gets warmer but the vibrato does not sound unnatural, just a bit slower.
    Sometimes if you believe your samples vibrato is a bit too fast or you want a different sound, you can -Bend- ( not transpose) the whole track down 1/2 semitones and enjoy your new Warmer and Slower vibrato instrument. You can even do it for one note which you prefer to be played with a slight different sample ( Bend down 2 , use sample 2 keys up ) .


    Cello is a very " breathing" instrument, so i tried to replicate that by using some overlapping notes in transitions, you get a small " Hhs" with that. Anywyay , here are the pics and Mp3 :

    Expression Controls :

    Expression Part A ( low notes )
    Expression Part B ( high notes )

    As you can see in A , there are a few overlapping notes ( more than normal length ) that makes it breath a little bit when it changes notes.

    Pitch Bend Controls :

    Pitch Bend Part A ( low notes )
    Pitch Bend Part B ( high notes )

    To make the cello more passionate, it really helps inserting a little bit of Pitch Bend that moves towards the next Note . As you can see i have only bended towards notes that are lower than the initial , for higher notes it doesn't seem to work that well.
    The red vertical lines show that the Pitch Bend must be set to 0 or that the new bend starts exactly at the beggining of the next note. To do that accurately , simply place your " Play Cursor" where the next note starts before drawing.

    Mp3 File
    ( Again you will have to scroll to the bottom of the page, sorry for that , i have no where else to upload mp3's )

    In the mp3 file, the first part is the Bended, reverbed and Expressive recording. After the pause , on the second part there is the same midi recording without -any- Pitch or Expression controllers or reverb ; Sounds Terrible.

    Cello was freeware K2K kurzweil soundfont cello . 851kb
    Timpani was SAM Freebie Timpani .
    Strings were a combo of Jv-1080 ans some freeware stuff.
    Theo Krueger - Composer


    Kontakt 2 Scripts

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    Re: Cello Mockup Techniques :

    Hey Theodor -

    Excellent series of articles. I am thinking what would make it even more helpful is to have an example of the mp3 files with no work spent on these techniques, so it's easy to compare & hear what the difference can be!

    Eric Doggett
    MoonDog Media

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    Re: Cello Mockup Techniques :

    Oh yeah Eric hehe, i actually mentioned it but i didn't empasize enough it seems . The second half of the Cello Mockup Mp3 , is the same midi , but without any controllers/effects/bends .
    Theo Krueger - Composer


    Kontakt 2 Scripts

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    Re: Cello Mockup Techniques :

    Timpani roll :

    Can be done by editing only velocity and using 16ths ( usually ) :

    Timpani 16ths Trill Velocities

    It is a good thing to have as much as possible Random Velocities, that really spicens the sound up .

    Timpani Mp3 File - 207 kb
    ( scroll to bottom of page )

    This was done with a soundfont i made that has 24 layers with different samples and is available as a free download from www.sf2-midi.com ( Ultimate_Timpani.sf2 4.8MB size ) , but i suggest purchasing something like SAM timpani instead which has ready-sampled good Timpani Rolls, go and try out the "Sam Freebie" timpani ,it kicks butt.

    Sam Freebie Timpani : Here
    Theo Krueger - Composer


    Kontakt 2 Scripts

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    Re: Cello Mockup Techniques :


    Teodor thanks for the tutorial , the pitch bend tip is absolutly great .

    The pitch bend is the vibrato that can be heard on long notes ,right ?



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    Re: Cello Mockup Techniques :

    Quote Originally Posted by Sharon S
    The pitch bend is the vibrato that can be heard on long notes ,right ?

    Actually the samples themself had Vibrato , the only thing edited was the note transitions ( bending a little bit down ) and the dynamics ( expression ) .

    The original version ( without any editing starts at 00:22 seconds of the mp3, there you can hear the actual original samples Dry without editing )

    From 00:00 to 00:21 is the Mock-Uped one
    Theo Krueger - Composer


    Kontakt 2 Scripts

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