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Topic: trying out pizzicato

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    trying out pizzicato

    This is a simple piece I made while testing the pizzicato strings. It was fun making this. I think it sounds okay as it is, but it's probably very nice as an intro to something bigger. I might just continue this one (though it's 'finished' as it is).


    This link should work.

    -Ivar Tryti
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    Re: trying out pizzicato

    You are making it too difficult for people to listen to your music.

    Your link takes people to a site that wants to install a program on their computers. With all of the virus scares around, most folks just don't want to do this.

    See if you can set it up so that clicking on a link will cause your music to "stream".


    Larry A.

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    Angry Re: trying out pizzicato

    I'll second the complexity observation. It's sort of the custom here to give a direct link that doesn't require any other fooling around. Love to hear your new piece, but ...


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    Re: trying out pizzicato

    Nice direct link now

    Hi, I'm new too.

    Tango is one of my specialist styles so I very much enjoyed what you did. Ther are some rhythms and phrasings which are close to Argentinian tango.

    Entrance of brass was a surprise to me ... and a very pleasent one. The Pizz had been getting on with it without being banal ... I felt is was turning into a complete peice as it was .... and those brass in a split second took it to a new level. very nice.
    Very interesting that you ended by letting an 'emptiness' occur as teh dialog between brass on chL and the Pizz on chR reflected the beginning of the song in terms of fullness/emptiness/density of harmony and notes.

    thanks for this

    Glyn Powell

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    Thumbs up Re: trying out pizzicato

    Delicious, Ivar! (And thanks for the simplified link!)

    As I have both GOS/Lite (and the "all strings" voices that it provides) I generally take the "cheap" approach when doing a string line and choose that over multiple GPO voices (thought we are all hearing that there will likely be some "all strings" patches coming with the GPO update). Of course, you can "gang" a group of pizz patches together in GPO and still retain some channel/placement independence which is cool, too.

    Nice piece! I, too, enjoyed the brass entry. I hope you develop this start into something more. You are certainly on your way!

    Cheers! KevinKauai

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