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Topic: Lowest RAM instruments??

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    Lowest RAM instruments??

    Is there a list of the RAM use by each instrument? If not, is anyone up for putting one together? I think that would be useful, particularly for those of us who are often pushing the envelope (768 RAM). Even an approximate amount would be helpful.

    In particular, though, does anyone know what the least RAM intensive instrument patch is? I'm making some GPO templates to use in Sonar and Tracktion, and in order to attach and assign all of the Kontakt outputs the way I want to, I need an instrument loaded in each of the slots. So of course I'd want something as low as possible, and would then load in the instruments I want to use for a given project as needed. I've got the Snares loaded for now, as that seems pretty low, perhaps even the lowest, but I'm not sure. Any idea??
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    Re: Lowest RAM instruments??

    I would almost guess that most of the percussion would fall in the lowest ram category. On the same token, I'll bet my left earlobe that the pianies are the highest.
    But this is a good question. It would be nice to know.

    Was I dreaming or did I see an account for ram of each instrument somewhere? Hmmmmm Somewhere over the rainbow. Way up high. That's, where, my little ram went, once in a lull-a-bee.
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    Re: Lowest RAM instruments??

    Well, if there already is a list of the RAM per instrument, I couldn't find it. In any case, I'm putting together an Excel file based on the RAM usage of all instruments on my system, and will post that after the update is released (as my stats are based on the beta instruments). I imagine this will be a YMMV kind of thing, as different systems may be more efficient with RAM, but hopefully it'll be useful nonetheless. I know that from what I've examined already that I'll probably be using some different patches than I typically have been when sketching out ideas, as they will allow me more RAM and more instruments to work with.

    Turns out that the Xylophone uses less RAM than the Snares, but even that is higher than a couple of the instrument patches involved in the update. So, I can't elaborate on that, but more... will... be... revealed...
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    Re: Lowest RAM instruments??

    All the ensemble instruments for the brass, woodwinds and solo strings use the least RAM. They only use one-third the amount of the full solo instruments. Of course percussion will be pretty good. The Ensemble strings have no workaround. Just load what you need for each piece.

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