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Topic: Two New Unheard Beethoven Demos

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    Two New Unheard Beethoven Demos

    I've been working with GPO for a few weeks now, thanks to Joseph & Mr 88 Fingers McGee and others who have been very kind in sharing their knowledge. I've mocked up a couple more Unheard Beethoven works about which I'm interested in hearing comments.

    The first is a never-recorded little bitty organ prelude in C, catalogued as Hess 310, done using the full organ patch, with the cathedral ambience. If it were any more complicated, that would be too messy a reverb but for a simple little piece like this I think it works OK.


    This was a pretty quick job.

    The second is the first version of the March in F for wind band, WoO 19. This features a couple of startling changes that aren't in the more well-known version (which is fairly obscure in its own right). At bar 15 there is a nifty little trill in the piccolo (I've emphasized the piccolo so this can be heard clearly). The ending also has a somewhat false ending with a couple extra bars that makes it a bit of a musical joke.


    It took me a long time to figure out that the percussion listed in the GPO manual is just completely wrong; everything is an octave higher than stated. Once that was nailed down, things fell into place pretty well. I not only use the mod constantly, but I also change the tempo constantly while still keeping a march character. I figure I spent about 15 hours in modifying the original MIDI for GPO. What the heck kind of marching band uses two bassoons and a contrabassoon, anyway?

    I'm fairly well pleased with these early efforts but am welcoming criticisms & comments. I hope these links work---this is my first try at this personal page too!!

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    Re: Two New Unheard Beethoven Demos

    Hey Gardi!!

    I saw this new post last night, but actually didn´t know what to write, except for "they sound great". Also, I still haven´t master the GPO well enough to give constructive critics or advices, perhaps. People around here will be of more help than me, I guess. I think that just as in my mozart try-out, there are things that can get improved I guess (the drum, perhaps) but it sounds great! and if Xickx gave his approval, then they must be ready to go!

    Great seeing you here too, and I was expecting a post by you for a while now. Will you attend one of the chats in quakenet? see you there if so (Looking forward for the Unheard update). Also, I was thinking, how about to coordinate a GPO contest with the unheard material? You and Xickx can be judges?

    (heh just an idea)

    José Miguel Serrano

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    Re: Two New Unheard Beethoven Demos


    It is wonderful to hear Beethoven works that have not been heard before.

    The organ prelude in C, Hess 310, sounded very good. Very short and leaves the listener wanting more. Is there more?

    The March in F does not sound like your typical "Beethoven". The piccolo does sound good. But how do you march with a contrabassoon? - Reminds of the Woody Alan movie where he played cello in a marching band and kept moving his chair doen the street.

    Thanks for posting these. If you post the MIDI files perhaps others may want to take a try with these two gems.

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: Two New Unheard Beethoven Demos

    Gary, actually there is more to the prelude. This version was released all by itself, but there's also a much longer version, op. 39 nr. 1, which takes this little theme and then makes it travel through all the keys! It's an interesting piece and I may do that as a mockup with GPO (though a less extreme ambience) and see how it goes.

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    Smile Re: Two New Unheard Beethoven Demos

    I always love coming here to the forum and "discovering" little gems like this! Thank you for sharing these! I really do like that organ prelude. The second piece, though very well done, and I could be mistaken, it certainly wouldn't be the first time, but it sounds a bit too quantized for my personal tastes.

    Isn't it wonderful that you have the power to hear, what was up till now, unheard Beethoven pieces fully fleshed out orchestrally?

    Thanks again for sharing these. Where do you find these pieces? I have the catalog, but didn't realize they were published (besides the unheard beethoven website).


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    Re: Two New Unheard Beethoven Demos

    Hess 310 was published in an anthology of "87 Kleine Praeludien" in the 1800s, only a single copy of which still exists, and was republished for the first time a few months ago in the New Hess Catalog of Beethoven's Works edited by James F. Green (to which your humble correspondent was a contributor). I had been unable to locate the piece until Green filled me in. He found it only by tracking down the aged Fritz Kaiser in Darmstadt; Kaiser had offhandedly mentioned the piece to Willy Hess in the early 1950s, which resulted in its inclusion in the original Hess catalog, and Kaiser amazingly enough remembered where he had seen it 50+ years earlier. I should be so sharp in my 90s.

    This variant of the march was published for the first and only time in a Swiss musical journal by Willy Hess in about 1957. I accidentally ran across this publication while researching something else--it's never been catalogued or mentioned again since then so far as I know.

    So both of them were very near things--the prelude in particular might have become a lost piece but for Jim Green's tenaciousness.

    I'm not exactly sure what you mean by "too quantized." Suggestions for improvement are welcomed. Is there a humanizing feature either in GPO or Overture that I've been unable to locate?
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