Ok -- you guys helped out a ton on my hardware questions -- here is the box and all tools. I am so close to being up and running. Please can someone help?!?

3.0Ghz E (Hyperthreading turned off)
2Gb PC400 RAM
SATA 120Gb Drive
250Gb USB 2 Drive
Echo Layla 24
Windows 2000 all updated
Using a Yamaha SY-77 keyboard (circa 1988) for MIDI

GigaStudio 32 (Pre-ordered GigaStudio 3 Solo)
Overdrive from VSL (Incredible Heavy Guitar)
Drumkit From Hell 2
Fruity Loops Producer (to sequence DKFH 2)
Cubase SX 2.0 (got it for $445 so I went all the way)
SoundForge 6.0

All work great seperately etc.

GigaStudio 32 works fine with the Layla 24 as long as you use the 6.04 Drivers and not the new 6.08 drivers btw.

However -- from inside GigaStudio, when I go to Cubase I can't seem to do anything that they are saying in the book to record MIDI. The MIDI no longer works when you switch back to GigaStudio (with Cubase up) and no matter what I select inside Cubase I never *hear* anything. I do get MIDI activity within Cubase however.

Any ideas? Is this how the links work btw? You record MIDI in Cubase to retrigger GigaStudio -- or is there a better way with these tools?

Please help -- I'm on vacation this week to do this *mucho* important project. Any help is seriously appreciated!