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Topic: Loading Projects With GPO Library Not in Program Folder

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    Loading Projects With GPO Library Not in Program Folder

    When I installed GPO I placed its library on a samples hard drive. I did this because I use the samples with the Kontake player as well as full Kontakt and wished to use DFD when using full Kontakt.

    The problem with doing this is that when one attempts to load a standard template from Personal Orchestra Studio or any other project that someone else set up (like a GPO tutorial song in CubaseSX), the samples are not located where GPO Studio or the Kontakt player expects to see them and asks if I want it to locate the files.

    One important point here before I go on, the Kontakt player has no problem locating the samples when I set up a new song becausethe Kontakt player was set to look for its library on my samples hard drive. The problem on occurs when the Kontakt Player is attempting to locate its library where it was on someone elses computer when they set up a song file, or when Personal Orchestra Studio attempts to locate load a template that was supplied with the program.

    When the locate samples dialog box opens, the button that would normally allow me to point to the file in quesiton is greyed out and can not be selected. The auto locate buttom as wells as all other buttons are available however. If I select autolocate, the files are eventually found, however it takes a very long time because the Kontact Player seaches all my hard drives in order (c, d, e, etc.) until it finds one sample, then it starts all over, searching through each drive again to located and load the second file, etc. This is a real pain. Either the program should allow you to point to the location to search, allow you to narrow the search in the auto locate mode or it should look at the location where the library patch is set in the Kontakt player before it starts searching the entire set of hard drives to locate missing files.

    Has anyone else noticed this? If so, is there another way to load missing files (when your library is not in the GPO program folder) that I have missed?



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    Re: Loading Projects With GPO Library Not in Program Folder

    Have you installed the latest update for Kontakt? Sample-finding has gotten better in recent versions. Make sure you run the "Quicksearch Volume Scan" (on the Tools menu in your Kontakt Browser). This builds a search index of all local hard drives (may take awhile). It should help speed up finding your samples, but if you are getting .nki or .nkm files from someone else that were saved with "absolute paths' checked, then it will still be a tedious process.


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    Re: Loading Projects With GPO Library Not in Program Folder


    My problem is not with Kontakt (it works fine), the problem is with the Kontakt Player that comes with GPO and/or Personal Orchestra Studio.

    Your correct, Kontakt (full) is fine.


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    Re: Loading Projects With GPO Library Not in Program Folder


    I do not have a solution, but I know exactly what you mean.

    I placed my samples on my Raid the first time I installed it.... and that one is drive letter.......................... Z !
    I have quite a number of harddrives on this system (including a very slow microdrive from my fotocamera)....tried loading a song of francesco..... took almost half an hour.

    I now re-installed it on my main drive since I don't need dfd, and sometimes it helps, not with francesco's songs though since he uses an italian version of windows and Kontaktplayer is looking for some italian version of 'Program Files'.

    If there's one thing I don't like with GPO... it's this bug.


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    Re: Loading Projects With GPO Library Not in Program Folder

    I assume you guys have set the path to your GPO library in the GPO Kontakt Player options dialog? I have also run into the lost sample issue with loading PC GPO instruments embedded in a GPO Studio setup. In that case, it refuses to recognize the .nks files so you're completely SOL.

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    Re: Loading Projects With GPO Library Not in Program Folder


    Yes I have the path set in the Kontakt player, and, I expect that the others do as well.

    The Kontakt Player has no problem locating its sample library under normal circumstances. It only has problems finding its library when we open up a song created by someone else how has their library in a different location to where we do, or, when one tries to open a template in Personal Orchestra Studio. The templates were developed by someone who had their library in the GPO program folder and not on a different hard drive. In that case, you have to load each template once, let the Kontakt Player find its samples and resave the template over the original one. Then from that point on, it will find its library on your machine.

    This is not such a big problem in itself, the big problem is how the Kontakt Player looks for the library. It starts with your A drive and moves down the list searching each hard disk and all its files unitl it finds the library and the specific files it needs (which can be a vary long time if you have a number of drives with lots of files). Then it will do the same search all over again from the beginning until all the samples have been loaded. This can take an extremely long time if the template has a lot of samples to load. Once the Kontakt Player has found one lost sample, I don't know why it doesn't ask fi it should look in the same folder for the rest of the files it needs instead of starting the search all the way over each time.

    This is my only gripe with this program. Otherwise its great!


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    Re: Loading Projects With GPO Library Not in Program Folder

    Hopefully the sample-finding improvements in Kontakt (full version) are rolled into the upcoming Kontakt Player update which will accompany the GPO update...I assume it should have feature parity with the latest Kontakt (1.5.3?)

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    Re: Loading Projects With GPO Library Not in Program Folder

    OK I see my query has already been addressed.

    The ball is in NI's court then.


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