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Topic: GPO with DP 4.12

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    GPO with DP 4.12

    I'm using GPo with DP 4.12 and I have problems with the levels and Velocity (ex. how to make a big cresc. make my music played p....)
    I wish I could control it with DP 4, but the only thing I can do is to move the mod wheel after GPO have been loaded.
    thank you so much for advices.

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    Re: GPO with DP 4.12

    If I am understanding your question correctly, you want to know how to record crescendos in DP. In GPO, velocity only controls volume on instruments such as harp, ppercussion and piano...in the string and wind instruments, velocity may be used to control attack characteristics but Mod Wheel (MIDI CC#1) is always used for volume/expression.

    In DP, it is easy to overdub the mod-wheel performance separate from the actual notes. You can either create a duplicate track assigned to the same GPO instrument and record your mod-wheel movements there, or enable overdub recording mode and record mod-wheel on the same track as your notes. Once you have the dynamics recorded the way you want, you can still control the balance of instruments using the DP mixing board (MIDI CC#7).

    Maybe I should write a tutorial on editing GPO controllers in DP4?


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    Re: GPO with DP 4.12

    Maybe I should write a tutorial on editing GPO controllers in DP4?


    Hi Brian:

    An excellent idea to write a tutorial which covers both "overdubbing" CC1 and using a new track to record CC1. Your tutorials are outstanding. There is little doubt about how to do something after reading them. Your time and contributions are really appreciated by us folks that have used MIDI for years but are new to the audio game.



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    Re: GPO with DP 4.12

    I'm OK for that. Maybe in french?

    thanks a lot

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