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Topic: Score scanning software

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    Question Score scanning software

    Hey all -
    I'm working on a little personal project and am researching tools that allow you to scan in scores and it automatically converts them over to MIDI format.
    Does anyone have any experience with this particular program?


    I know I'll have to do some significant editing (particularly with velocity and what not), but was curious if anyone had any experience with it.

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    Re: Score scanning software

    I haven't used the scanning part of Sibelius, but once the score is captured, MIDI playback is quite good. Check out the forum at Sibelius.com and you can get some feedback about the scanning side of things.

    On playback Sibelius respects dynamic markings and tempo quite well, and you can set the preferences for how playback should respond to these markings. You can adjust the velocity, start and duration of each note individually from within the program - by hand, of course. That lets you keep the score info and these performance elements together in a single file.

    The only thing that you really need a sequencer for to add envelopes. Sibelius includes a hairpin playback plugin, but I found it not to be human enough. After adding expression control to the MIDI from Sibelius, the results can be quite good.

    Assuming that the scanning works as promised, I would highly recommend Sibelius 3.


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    Re: Score scanning software

    I've tried Sibelius & Finale's scanning. Neither works as well it we need it to. I had the most success getting accurate scanned files from simple originals, like a single piano part. Scanning scores has been very frustrating and not worth my time to fix them. It's been faster to enter those directly into a notation program. I've heard from others that a scanning program called Sharpeye provides the most accurate results, but I haven't tried it myself.


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    Re: Score scanning software

    That's been my fear with scanning software. If it doesn't get it right, does it take more work to fix it than had you just entered the score by hand?

    The main reason I chose Sibelius over the competiion is that it is very fast to enter score information. You use one hand on the PC numeric input pad, and the other on the keyboard - either the PC keyboard or the MIDI keyboard. It takes a day or two to learn, but it's much faster than continually grabbing for the mouse. (You can still use the mouse, if you prefer.)


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    Re: Score scanning software

    The current best scanning combination is Sharpeye to Finale via MusicXML. Finale's input system is competitive with Sibelius, though if you're entering without a MIDI keyboard, Finale's is preferable.

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    Re: Score scanning software

    Quote Originally Posted by astrt4
    Finale's input system is competitive with Sibelius, though if you're entering without a MIDI keyboard, Finale's is preferable.
    Personally, I preferred the Sibelius input method. If the input method is important to you, check them both out. Different people prefer different methods.

    One place where Sibelius falls down though is if you are working with a laptop keyboard that has no numeric keypad. If that's the case, then you are forced to use the mouse or touchpad. My preference is to keep my hands on the keys and away from the rodent.


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    Re: Score scanning software

    Thanks for the replies everyone!

    I'm actually probably going to just be using it to scan in piano parts (possibly melody as well)...I will do additional arrangements/orchestrations myself...think it would work for just the piano parts?

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