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Topic: Firewire Conflicts????????

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    Unhappy Firewire Conflicts????????

    I've had a Glyph firewire HD for many months with no problems. I have now
    tried to incorporate a Canopus firewire video capture box into my setup.
    As soon as I try to have them both available on my desktop (PC not a Mac),
    the HD icon disappears. The Canopus by itself and the HD by itself work flawlessly, but not together. Can anyone tell me what is happening?


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    Re: Firewire Conflicts????????

    the principle of firewire is that up to 64 devices can share a (serial) bus and each device *tells* the bus how much bandwith it would like to get. video (and audio) devices are often suggesting 100% bandwidth (since they are kind of realtime applications) and if the FW-controller is allowing this it's highly probable that another device on the bus (with lower priority) looses the minimum needed contact - and gets disconnected.
    a possible solution would be to add another FW controller to the system and have HD and video on two seperate busses (and i mean _busses_ not _plugs_)

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