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Topic: Running GPO in Logic Pro?

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    Running GPO in Logic Pro?

    Hey all,

    Just made the move across to Logic6 pro from Cubase SX2 and I'm having a few issues getting my head into Emagic-land..

    Any Logic users out there know how use the multiple inputs of the GPO AU plugin? I'm OK with setting up the multiple outputs (via Aux channels) but am getting lost in trying to connect up separate inputs to each of the 8 instruments - In Cubase it was just a question of routing each MIDI track into the plugin, but I fear I have been conditioned too much by Steinberg!

    Any help much appreciated...


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    Re: Running GPO in Logic Pro?

    It's been posted before. Here's a solution I posted a while back after talking with RJames:


    One annoyance you'll discover is that whichever set up you use, there's currently no easy way to avoid having your modulation wheel (which controls volume/timbre in GPO) reset to zero every time you press stop from within Logic - this is apparently a bug that will not be resolved until the next version of Logic is released. In the meantime, there's a workaround posted at:

    (scroll down to "Logic programs submitted by users).

    I'm currently trying to figure out how to use these workarounds with my above-posted GPO-Logic setup but haven't figured it out yet..

    Best of luck -

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    Re: Running GPO in Logic Pro?

    That's great - thanks! Now just got to figure out how to make Space Designer not sound like my strings are drowning in mud... and what's with Emagic's fear of presets? All their great sounding plugins.. and no presets! You don't think they actually want me to *think* do you? (Shudders)

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