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Topic: Overture SE Tutorials

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    Overture SE Tutorials

    Okay guys, here goes nothing...

    I have completed topic one: Using Voices in the Score View.
    It is ready for use. It is quite lengthy due to many pictures. I have included audio examples at the end of each lesson to show our progression with the example. Please be considerate and download the files to your computer and do not hit my site every time (I aint made o' money folks.) It will work out much better for you if you download it to yours and use it that way. Anyway, take a look. If there are minor errors such as punctuation forgive me, cause I aint gonna fix em. The site is set up for the other topics that I'll be covering, but they're not ready yet. I will add to this as and when the other topics become available. All files are PDF's because it made more sense that way. They are all ready for printing if you're the type of masochist that likes printing 142 pages of pdf goodness.

    Also, I should note that this first topic assumes almost no previous knowledge of Overture SE on the part of the user. So to some of you, it may seem a bit much.


    Overture SE Tutorial Site

    Also, I understand that some of you are on slow connections. The main Voices in Score View tutorial is broken up into Lessons to allow smaller downloads at your convenience with no missing content. There is also the complete Topic for download for us faster guys. In extreme cases, I would be willing to send out CD's to those of you who want the tutorial but just can't download it. The other topics I'll cover will broadly work the same way.

    Gary, you may want to make this post 'sticky' for a while at least.

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    Re: Overture SE Tutorials

    Updated: Added topic of how to create a percussion track in Overture SE.

    Tutorial Index

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    Re: Overture SE Tutorials

    Quote Originally Posted by Joseph Burrell
    Updated: Added topic of how to create a percussion track in Overture SE.


    Downloaded your first two lessons and they are fantastic. Is this Overture SE complete list of tutorials for they packaged Overture that comes with GPO or for the V3.5.1 "big" software package?

    Also, I guess all of your keyboard commands are for PC. Is that correct?

    Will be downloading like a fool for a few days to get this great stuff that you created, then burn it to a CD.

    Thank you for Joseph Burrell and his computer wizardry.


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    Re: Overture SE Tutorials

    This is just for Overture SE as that is all I currently own. You may want to wait before you burn it to disc as their is a lot more coming down the road. There is a lot I haven't convered that I want to before I quit. And yes, the commands are for PC, I'm not sure the differences with the Mac version, sorry I don't own a Mac so I can't tailor one for it.

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    Re: Overture SE Tutorials

    Updated: Added topic of how to create non legato instrument glissandos while keeping the score pretty enough to give to your 'personal orchestra.' If you don't care about that, this may not be for you.

    * Some Overture knowledge assumed.

    Tutorial Index

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    Re: Overture SE Tutorials

    This is a simply amazing amount of work. I've had precious little time to become familiar with Overture and this will be a big help to me personally. Thanks Joseph for this massive effort.


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    Re: Overture SE Tutorials


    Next up.... Using built in expressions to control keyswitch instruments, midi controllers, patch and channel changes, and tempo.

    Look for it soon.

    And Tom, glad I could be of use!

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    Talking Re: Overture SE Tutorials

    thanks a lot, you did a great job!

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    Re: Overture SE Tutorials


    I've done the voice tutorial now and have learned a ton of marvelous things. Thank you so very much!

    One point that could be amplified: Lesson 5, page 2, I don't understand the purpose of the first dynamic marking for velocity. I thought GPO only worked on modulation. What does velocity do for you? This could be explained in greater detail, I think.


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    Re: Overture SE Tutorials

    Velocity controls the attack of each note, modulation the overall timbre or velocity. You need to use both to achieve good results with GPO. It is mentioned so much about modulation because old general midi synth used velocity as well as volume to control just that, the volume.

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