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Topic: Overture SE Tutorials

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    Overture SE Tutorials

    Okay guys, here goes nothing...

    I have completed topic one: Using Voices in the Score View.
    It is ready for use. It is quite lengthy due to many pictures. I have included audio examples at the end of each lesson to show our progression with the example. Please be considerate and download the files to your computer and do not hit my site every time (I aint made o' money folks.) It will work out much better for you if you download it to yours and use it that way. Anyway, take a look. If there are minor errors such as punctuation forgive me, cause I aint gonna fix em. The site is set up for the other topics that I'll be covering, but they're not ready yet. I will add to this as and when the other topics become available. All files are PDF's because it made more sense that way. They are all ready for printing if you're the type of masochist that likes printing 142 pages of pdf goodness.

    Also, I should note that this first topic assumes almost no previous knowledge of Overture SE on the part of the user. So to some of you, it may seem a bit much.


    Overture SE Tutorial Site

    Also, I understand that some of you are on slow connections. The main Voices in Score View tutorial is broken up into Lessons to allow smaller downloads at your convenience with no missing content. There is also the complete Topic for download for us faster guys. In extreme cases, I would be willing to send out CD's to those of you who want the tutorial but just can't download it. The other topics I'll cover will broadly work the same way.

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    Re: Overture SE Tutorials

    Joseph...WHAT AN ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC EFFORT.....THIS IS GENEROSITY GONE MAD. You really deserve the utmost credit for this. What a great website and organisation.....can't fault it....it almost makes me wish I wasn't a piano roll man!!

    You really should have turned this into a manual and made a few bob out of it....or alternatively be given a sainthood.

    With the greatest respect


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    Smile Re: Overture SE Tutorials

    Thank you so much Joseph! I can't tell you how much this helped. This gives me so many ideas. Only one problem.
    I expect to get a bill charging for the electricity the bulb over my head was using while reading your tutorial! Whatever they charge would be worth it.

    Thanks for the hard work,

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    Thumbs up Re: Overture SE Tutorials

    Wow! Man oh Man .... Wow! I am speechless. This is fantastic to say the least. I've already set up a folder and downloading to keep on hand while learning this software. You are an invaluable resource for this forum and should be commended by Genesoft for your outstanding work and contributions. In sight of the Olympic, you deserve a gold metal! A big thumbs up!

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    Re: Overture SE Tutorials

    WOW! This is great. I had stopped trying to use Overture because I couldn't really figure it out (and I'm too lazy to ask people in the forums ). Sequencers don't really inspire me to write like notation software does, so hopefully this'll get me goin again. Thanks Joseph for this wonderful tutorial.

    BTW. If you find that hosting this is too hard on your bandwidth, I've got plenty if you want/need a mirror sight for your guide.

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    Re: Overture SE Tutorials

    ...My Overture productivity just went up, like, 500%

    Wow, Joe, awesome tutorial!

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    Thumbs up Re: Overture SE Tutorials

    Thanks a million for this! It's clear and easy to understand. You are most kind to offer this. I'm an enthusiastic Sibelius supporter, but Overture is very attractive since you can change the instrument articulations on one stave, and your tutorial will perhaps help me to convert...

    Thanks again!


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    Re: Overture SE Tutorials

    Wonderful Joseph. You are the MAN. A tutorial on Overture is something we really needed - brilliant and thank you!

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    Re: Overture SE Tutorials

    The funny thing is, I didn't do the tutorial, I just read it, and yet I remember every piece of information from it and am 99% ready to try it on my own.

    Not sure if that came across as gloating, it was intended to be another compliment for Mr. Burrell.

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    Re: Overture SE Tutorials



    Never expected this! This 142 page Ultimate Guide to Using Overture and GPO is going to be of enormous help to many people. It is well written, plenty of screenshots and well presented.

    If there was ever an academy award for tutorials, you deserve the prize.

    Thank you for taking the time and the care to produce this amazing tutorial!

    Gary Garritan

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