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Topic: Scarbee SID in GS3?

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    Talking Scarbee SID in GS3?

    When will your Scarbee drums be available as GS3, and will the hi hat be continuously controlled as I use a Trapkat that has that feature? (salivating at the prospect)

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    Re: Scarbee SID in GS3?

    I had posted about seeing/hearing GS3 at NAB in April, but I believe that my report was wrong. I had written here that I had heard SID in 24-bits with GigaPulse, but Synthetic of Tascam told me I had probably heard Larry Seyer's drums. I'm 99% sure that he's right.

    Anyway, the Seyer drums were killer. Lots of velocities, and continuous samples from center to edge. I don't know if the hi-hat pedal was sampled that way. The kit sounded okay dry, and sounded absolutely killer through GigaPulse.

    And the best news? It's included free with GS3.


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    Re: Scarbee SID in GS3?

    I'm sure SID will be available in GS3 - Scarbee has posted a coupl etimes about his other libs being in GS3 - I can just imagine SImone now - locked in Thomas's basement - programming away... hehe - just kidding guys.

    If they sound as killer as they do in Kontakt - I'm sure the GS3 version will rock you even harder
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    Re: Scarbee SID in GS3?

    Quote Originally Posted by Alan Lastufka
    I'm sure the GS3 version will rock you even harder
    No doubt. The drums I heard at NAB dry were "bok, bok, bok". With GigaPulse they were "BOOOV, BOOOV, BOOOV".


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