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Topic: Sonar, GS 2.5, and Giga Teleport - can't record?

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    Sonar, GS 2.5, and Giga Teleport - can't record?

    Got the demo of giga teleport working with two computers, as far as midi transport across the net and audio back --- but in Sonar, cannot figure out how to record the sound??? No 'Arm' button on the audio tracks that the VST/Dxi plugin insert makes. Anyone doing this successfully?

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    Re: Sonar, GS 2.5, and Giga Teleport - can't record?

    Eventually found out how to record -- it's a 'Bounce to Track' operation, just like sonar dxi's -- but in addition, there is a tiny 'Servers' Window that has a BOUNCE button that must be pressed before beginning the Bounce to Track. Got that window by the task-bar (bottom right) icon for Teleport.

    Only real-time, unfortunately, unless I'm missing something; so you can't Bounce-to-Tracks as fast as your computer can run. The benefit, then, if you've already got sound cards and midi interfaces, is small -- the ethernet just replaces the midi-audio link. But it does offer a full set midi channels, 64 for GigaStudio 160, instead of the 16 given by a single midi adapter.

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