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Topic: live switching b/t 3 settings on harpsichord?

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    live switching b/t 3 settings on harpsichord?

    I recorded a harpsichord song where I manually switch between the 3 settings while I am playing... but upon playback, I only hear the last setting I switched from..

    How do I arm a track with GPO so it records this? Or should I adjust Logic or my midi keyboard accordingly?

    A simple question...right?

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    Re: live switching b/t 3 settings on harpsichord?

    You mean it doesn't change at all throughout the piece? Can you see the key-switching events on the piano roll? I've always found it possible to to this. You can even edit key-switching on the piano roll. Of course, you'll need to add the appropriate key switch right at the start of the piece so it knows how which patch to begin with. I don't use logic myself, but I wouldn't imagine it matters which sequencer you use.
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