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Topic: How does Kontakt Work!! NEed support!

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    How does Kontakt Work!! NEed support!

    Hi everybody!

    I just got Kontakt and I hear it is the bomb, so I was wondering how it really works. Because normally I do use my own samples that I create. So I know how to load a new sample to a new instrument. Its by double-clicking but after the sample is layered or expanded in the whole keyboard right? Now how do I do if I wanna add a new sample and trigger it in a different note of the kyeboard. Like it is with Halion.... Once you access your sample, Giga or wave files, you can decide either you wanna take one sample and layered in the whole keyboartd or send the Snare in C1, send the Cowbell in G4 etc..?

    Hope someone we'll understand me and we'll able to help me out on this.

    Really appreicate and this is my first time in here. Gald to meet you all


    Solar Musik Group

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    Re: How does Kontakt Work!! NEed support!

    Along with the Manual..heres a start...http://www.nativeinstruments.de/index.php?kontakt_us
    Have Fun,Rich

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    THnak you Rich!!

    Hi there!

    How are you doing? I wanna thnak you fro the time you took to answer my question. By the way, there is not all the answer in NI website. They are talking about genereal stuff. Its like now I got the Intakt, i dont if you use it.. and this one looks nicer cuz it works exactly like a sampler. But i'm wondering on the Intakt, how to pitch a sample down or up.. crazy.. I'm lsot a little bit but i'll get there soon.

    Thank you for your help an dhope to hear from you

    My fro Solarmsuikgroup

    Can listen to seom of my work

    Thanx again and again

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    Re: How does Kontakt Work!! NEed support!

    Registered users can log into the support section of the NI site and view tutorials on doing all kinds of editing tasks.
    Houston Haynes - Titan Line Music

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