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Topic: Black Grand - Worra

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    Black Grand - Worra

    any news yet?


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    Re: Black Grand - Worra

    The beta testing team and myself are working hard right now to get everything the best possible.
    There are Giga 2.5, Giga 3 (with convoluting), HALion 2 / 3 and Kontakt versions that are being tested right now.
    Still some stuff to be done, but it looks and sounds really promising. The beta team is doing a great job and I'm really, really excited about this one!

    Arf, arf, arf...

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    Re: Black Grand - Worra

    Multiple microphone perspectives, huge number of velocity layers of a concert grand Steinway D...looking forward to it!

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    Re: Black Grand - Worra

    Good news! Nice job as expected... Would like to have it under my hands on new GS3!

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    Re: Black Grand - Worra

    Yes, it looks like it will be on my shopping list :-)
    Looking forward to hearing the demos


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