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Topic: VSL + real strings together.

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    VSL + real strings together.


    I am writing a music for a film whose budget is a little limited .

    The producers want anyway that this music sounds true.

    I have the plan to buy VSL Pro and add some real violins, violas and cellos on the basis made with VSL.

    My questions are,

    Is it a good idea?
    If so, how many instruments must be added to VSL (strings only) to sound real enough.

    Thanks for your answers :-)

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    Re: VSL + real strings together.

    On VSL website you can hear some demos made with real strings(solo strings precisely) and overlayed with VSL strings.

    Edit : these are the Hans Gal's demos (in classical demo area)

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    Re: VSL + real strings together.

    Thx John i have a look

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    Re: VSL + real strings together.

    yes John it sound totally amazing.
    Hard to believe ....
    especially that piece...
    "Concerto for Violin and small orchestra (1932): II. Arioso; opening of III. Rondo"


    So the arrangement part is only VSL ???
    and there is only 3 guests ???

    What about the noise background ? it was add ?


    Horn in F
    1st violins
    2nd violins
    Double basses
    Guest instruments:
    'Live' Solovioline
    'Live' Soloviola
    'Live' Solocello

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    Re: VSL + real strings together.


    This music's movie is made with VSL and real strings ....

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    Re: VSL + real strings together.

    That's really cool - thanks for sharing that SyQuEsT

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    Re: VSL + real strings together.

    How come do they tend to have 2nd Strings in their arrangements, yet vsl only has one section? Are they just doubling up or adding another string library?

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    Re: VSL + real strings together.

    Wait just a minute here. Buying VSL or any other library will not make your soundtrack sound true, specially if you are unfamiliar to the library. Don't forget that a lot of people own these libraries around and still can't make them sound like the amazing demos we see in the official websites.
    Unless your are really confident about your skills on mixing, arranging and programming, you should not rely the quality of your composition in any Library available at the moment. As an alternative, change the aproach of your arrangement, and make it sound smaller, but with real musicians. It will surely sound more "natural" this way.

    Good Luck!

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    Re: VSL + real strings together.

    I think VSL would be a wise choice for doing something like that. The sections are smaller compared to those of GOS. Besides that they're recorded with not too much ambience, so they can be mixed easily with real strings. If you want the sound of a large violin section (say around 22) you can add 6 or 8 real violins to the VSL performance. You can add a few violas, cellos and basses as well of course.
    I agree with Guga that you have to know the library well to get good results.

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    Re: VSL + real strings together.

    If you can record the impulse of the space where you record the live players, then you will be able to apply the same impulse to VSL using GigaPulse. Also, note the microphones used during the real recording and apply those as well.

    By matching the space and microphones with GigaPulse, the mix between the live and synthetic music should be excellent.


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