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Topic: My Tutorials: A Poll

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    My Tutorials: A Poll

    I am not running out of web space yet, but as you can tell, there is some duplication with the lessons on how to use voices in score mode. I have the large file approx 24 MB and the same thing broken out into smaller lessons. To be frank, is this beneficial or am I wasting web space? I haven't noticed anyone downloading the smaller lessons, so my question to you is, is it necessary to offer them or is the one file enough? I hate for anyone not to be able to download the lesson because of its size, but I don't think anyone has taken advantage of the smaller lessons yet. What do you guys think? Keep the smaller lessons, or keep it streamline with only the larger file?

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    Re: My Tutorials: A Poll

    To be frank, is this beneficial or am I wasting web space?


    I downloaded all 12 lessons and I would prefer to do it that way as I am using a 56k Modem on dial-up and 24 mgs is a long haul with that tool.

    Maybe a lot of folks haven't been able to get to it yet as you were pretty amazingly fast in providing the first 12.

    Just my input. Thanks again,


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    Re: My Tutorials: A Poll

    I think either way works, though I would only offer one of the other. This will help cut back on bandwidth usage. Perhaps if you were to add links from one document to the next it would help create a more cohesive experience across the multiple files.

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    Re: My Tutorials: A Poll

    I personally like the convenience of have it as one large file. But of course, I have a faster internet connection. For people who have dial up smaller files would be better.

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    Re: My Tutorials: A Poll

    I am on dial-up, but I was able to download the complete package with no trouble. There are are things available ( programs) that will remember the file that you are getting, and if the download breaks ,will continue where it left off at the next dial-up ...EJ

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    Re: My Tutorials: A Poll

    uhhhmmm, what tutorials?
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    Re: My Tutorials: A Poll

    Until I got my DSL working 2 months ago, I would have been in the dialup boat---i.e., I'd be mighty ticked that these essential tutorials weren't readily available. Hopefully Gary or Geniesoft will see their way clear to hosting these things for you---the existence of these tutorials should sell a ton of units for them.

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