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Topic: Bush and PNAC

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    Bush and PNAC

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    A bit of a primer for those of you who have never heard of PNAC -- and surprisingly, there are many of you still out there:


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    Re: Bush and PNAC

    Hi Rob,

    Well the article explains a lot. I'm a bit surprised no one else has responded. So folks PNAC stands for Project for the New American Century and is the very public if not well publicized blueprint for American hegemony in the 21rst century. I agree that if more Americans were aware of this background and plan that few would vote for 4 more years of Bush.

    People send the above link around to any fence sitters you know.



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    Re: Bush and PNAC

    This is why I say that you pretty much have to be uninformed to vote for Bush.

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    Re: Bush and PNAC

    i went directly to their website looks like a typical rightwing spinclub to me
    not sure i see what the big deal is. the far left has their spinclubs too.

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    Re: Bush and PNAC

    It's not the spin. It's the policy.


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    Re: Bush and PNAC

    That's right, and far left spin doesn't recommend that we declare war on the whole [nss][nss][nss][nss]ing world.

    The two sides are not at all equal.

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    Re: Bush and PNAC

    Quote Originally Posted by mike harper
    i went directly to their website looks like a typical rightwing spinclub to me
    not sure i see what the big deal is. the far left has their spinclubs too.
    The guys who created this "spinclub" are the guys who are now running the white house. If that doesn't scare you, nothing will.

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    Re: Bush and PNAC

    Nor does PNAC suggest declaring war on the whole "xxxxing" world.

    If you want to "inform" yourself, I suggest you go the PNAC website and read it yourself, instead of depending on opinion and oped, etc. about it.

    Clinton adpoted the regime change policy in Iraq in 98. He also unilateraly, without going to UN or congress, carried out a bombing/missle campaign in Iraq on the eve of his impeechment hearings (remember? wag the dog?)

    Kerry supported Clinton in taking Unilateral action against Iraq. He also supported and voted for the regime change policy directive. (and still supports it today). Although..he's also against it. But, for it.

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    Re: Bush and PNAC

    You're wrong. I've read plenty of it, and it's insane. Clinton's policy was that Saddam had to go, but he didn't invade Iraq when we were reeling from 9/11, he didn't give the UN the finger, and in fact he didn't invent a "war on terrorism" that even our "left of Ted" (I wish) candidate is going along with.

    "You're either with us or you're with the tairsts." "Saddam and Al Queda." "WMD." "Spread Democracy." That's what I mean by declaring war on half the world.

    And we're not talking about Clinton, we're talking about Bush and the PANC. These people are fringe lunatics who wormed their way into power and are in the process of destroying the world.

    It's way too easy to sell insanity to the public. This is real, dcornutt, and you're fooling yourself if you don't see it. Go read the White House website, for heaven's sake. That [nss][nss][nss][nss] comes directly out of the PANC madness.

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    Re: Bush and PNAC

    I've also read the PNAC website first hand. In fact, I read it that before the 2000 election.

    Clinton didn't write the PNAC policies. Jeb and friends did - probably along with the Grinch and Dr. Strangelove. But this is serious. If we're not vigilant in November, we will all suffer the consequences.

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