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Topic: VSL in Mach Five

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    VSL in Mach Five

    Has anyone used VSL in Mach Five on a Mac? If so, do the samples load o.k.? Are the legato or performace tools usable on a Mac in OSX or is this not happening at all? I have a G4 dual 867 and am deciding bwtween various library upgrades.

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    Re: VSL in Mach Five

    although MOTU is very helpfull and highly responsible machV is kind of problematic. the latest versions are now streaming but after importing (from the exs version) a lot of work is required (for keyswitches, fades, ect). we couldn't perform any *stress-tests* so far regarding the amount of loaded samples and polyphony but in any case for the time beeing you will be limited to use single note instruments - a performance tool for machV is currently not existing (on a PC you could probably apply the same workaround as for halion with some midi routing)
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