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Topic: Can't get GS to work with MOTU 896

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    Can't get GS to work with MOTU 896


    I can't get any sound out of GS 2.54.00 using my MOTU 896.

    GS can see the MOTU, and it has it assigned as a GSIF compatible output device. I have enabled outputs 1 & 2.

    When I load an instrument, and click on the keyboard I get no sound (I have previously used a TerraTec EWX24/96 with GS, and doing this resulted in some sound being produced..)

    Does anyone know if there are any known issues with GS and MOTU?

    I *DID* install the GSIF driver when I installed the latest (v3.32) MOTU drivers. I do get an error when I try to launch the MOTU FW Audio Console with GS open.. anyone else get this???

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Windows XP SP1
    MOTU 896 (v3.32 drivers)
    GS 2.54.00

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    Re: Can't get GS to work with MOTU 896

    have you tried changing your outputs from giga? if you are using a digital out, for instance, you might need to un-select all pairs of outputs but the last two. they are not clearly labeled in giga, just numbered. good luck!


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