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Topic: new percussion?

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    new percussion?

    Hi, I'm just wondering if the new GPO will have new percussion, like temple blocks maybe? Are we getting close enough that I can hold my breath? Don't want to pass out waiting ya know. Yes, more percussion toys would be cool

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    Re: new percussion?

    Who knows what the future holds. I ain't saying nothing.

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    Re: new percussion?

    Temple blocks eh? Wish I had them too.

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    Re: new percussion?

    Don't want any misunderstandings here. The new update will not include any new sample material. All new features and changes are programming related.


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    Re: new percussion?

    If you need more percussion, you can download free samples at GTown, they are really amazing.

    You do need some sort of softwaresampler though (Kontak, Giga, Halion etc.)



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