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Topic: End of the Week

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    Arrow End of the Week

    August 23rd, 2004...

    I called Tascam US Sales. They told me it would ship at the end of the week. I forgot to ask why. When I called back to ask the reason for the delay, the line was busy, so I got transferred to a machine. I don't know the reason for the delay.

    Bummer. Glad I didn't place any bets...


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    Smile Re: End of the Week

    Jon, when you call them back, don't forget to ask "the end of WHAT week?"

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    Re: End of the Week

    I hope it's this week. And I hope it's Thursday, rather than Friday. I'd much prefer to have it before the weekend than after.


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    Re: End of the Week

    I'm not feeling all that tortured, but I really had my hopes up that I would be taking off from work early on Tuesday evening.


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    Re: End of the Week

    I'm new on the forum and 'look at me' I'm posting a reply because I've been totally drawn in by all the speculation, bickering and other madness surrounding the release of a software upgrade. I've always been happy to let other 'keeners' be the guinea pigs and sift through all the joys and heartbreaks of being the 'first' - but for the past couple of weeks I've become a 'got to have it now' gear junkie that would do just about anything to satisfy this insatiable curiosity. So, for my sanity... and I'm sure others too... Please let's all get to work writing music that pushes v2.5 to the max so that we may rejoice when v3 no longer chokes on 160 notes in luscious 24bit with dollops of 'gigapulse' to top it off - whenever it happens! I for one would rather beg my clients for an extension before handing them something that I wanted to put my name on - let's imagine that Tascam are doing the same.

    cheers, mts

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    Re: End of the Week

    I ordered my upgrade about 3 weeks ago. At that time I was told it should ship the next week. Whom? It is now 3 weeks later and it still hasn't shipped. This is just poor customer service.

    I then heard that it would ship on the 16th - never happened. At this point they had the duplicated copies in.

    Then heard the 23rd - never happened. What is interesting is that when this was announced is that the stuff appeared to be packaged. Now what happened?

    It looks like it won't be out until September!!

    I'm not in a hurry to get it as I'm working with Kontakt just fine and won't have time to play with Giga until the end of next month. But I can see why there are some frustrated individuals on this forum. I respectable company would at least let the customers know in an email why they are not getting the product they were told that they would be getting by a promised date. When I placed my order Thomas acted like it would be shipped the next week. He also told me that the website would have the upgrade the end of that week. That was 3 weeks ago.

    Most company have workers that work hard but that doesn't mean the company is good. Tascam has a poor track record when it comes to responding to problems. They killed their forum because they couldn't handle the complaints. They have been very slow getting Giga out. This is usually caused by a resource shortage caused by lack of funds in the project. A resource shortage means they will be slow fixing any bugs found when the general public starts using the product.

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    Re: End of the Week

    Quote Originally Posted by JonFairhurst
    I hope it's this week. And I hope it's Thursday, rather than Friday. I'd much prefer to have it before the weekend than after.

    Jon, when they say it will ship ... it means that is the day it will be sent out to their dealers / distributors. You need to factor in a couple of days for it to arrive at the dealers ... then a day for them to unpack and process and then a day or so for it to be sent to you.

    And the upgrade page will not go live until they have decided and sorted out HOW they will be doing upgrades outside of the US. And this hasn't been sorted yet according to Tascam germany.

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    Re: End of the Week


    I'm "an upgrader", and I live in the US. I ordered directly from Tascam, so they will ship directly to me. I hope!

    I feel for you guys in Europe. I waited for about a month to get Sibelius 3 while reading all of the cool things people were writing about the product from the UK. Everyday people were complaining about how long it took to get delivered in the US - and that was from Sibelius' US office.

    After the software arrives, it will all be a faint memory...


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    Re: End of the Week

    Yawn.... "how can I endure this waiting any longer?"

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    Re: End of the Week

    Quote Originally Posted by Lee Blaske
    Maintain a grim, dark, skeptical, and moderately sarcastic attitude until they actually deliver a working product.
    You forgot "cynical"... cynicism is a great defensive shield, if used in moderation. Mix in a healthy dose of pessimism and you're good to go. Soon you too will be muttering to yourself "I just don't care anymore"... problem solved.

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