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Topic: KH Solo Violin to Kontakt

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    KH Solo Violin to Kontakt

    Has anyone had success with converting KH Solo Violin to Kontakt?
    Keyswitching? Crossfading? If you had to set up the former yourself in Kontakt did that work?

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    Re: KH Solo Violin to Kontakt

    I use the Kirk Hunter Solo Strings in Kontakt. It works great! It is better if you convert by selecting rather than by batch (or use a conversion program). If I remember correctly, there are some gigs that are for naming purposes only and can cause Kontakt to eat it on convert. Better not to convert them in a batch process. The Key switches (my preference) work great. The mod wheel switches can cause a few pops but can easily be adjusted to remove them. I love the library and it works (for me at least) very well in Kontakt.

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