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Topic: Mock-up from the TV series "Monk"

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    Mock-up from the TV series "Monk"

    As many of you know, Jeff Beal has been using the Garritan Libraries extensively in the hit-TV series "Monk". Scott Pettigrew, did a mock up of one of the Monk cues as a way to get acquainted with GPO.

    Being mindful of copyright considerations I asked Jeff Beal, the composer of the series, if I could post it and he said that he was fine with it being posted here. Here is the link:


    This is all GPO save for the jazz bass. Scott used GPO in ProTools to render this mock-up.

    I though Scott did a fantastic job with this mock up. Even Jeff commented that he was "quite impressed how close he got to the MONK palatte's sound".

    Thanks Scott for sending this in.

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: Mock-up from the TV series "Monk"

    Very impressive Scott! I'm glad you were able to get Jeff's permission to post this.

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    Re: Mock-up from the TV series "Monk"

    Excellent work! It sounds exactly like music from the show.

    My family and I are big fans of the show 'Monk', I don't think we missed an episode all season! Can't wait for next season. The murders are a bit unrealistic, but the show is hilarious and one of the few shows I try not to miss. It's awesome to find out that the show uses Garritan Libraries, showing off its great value. Nice work!

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