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Topic: EWQLSO Plat. W/VSL-Pro Questions+comments

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    EWQLSO Plat. W/VSL-Pro Questions+comments


    I am currently considering to buy the EWQLSO Plat. edition, as a first step in getting a high quality, flexible orchestral library, and most likely will want to complement the EWQLSO with some of the VSL Pro edition sections, VSL Horizon series libraries, and maybe some other libraries as well in the future.

    I would greatly value your feedback, I find this forum a great consulting, problem solving and general info. resource for musicians, a much needed service for the high-tech musical world of today.

    Here a few questions, and some comments.

    Q1) If I was to initially get only one section of VSL pro ( Strings, or Brass, or ...) to complement EWQLSO Plat., Which of the VSL Pro edition would make the best complement ?
    I was initially planning to of start out with the VSL Pro edition, and then complementing it with parts of EWQLSO Plat. , but decided to do just the opposite, due to the flexibility, ambience, and pricing of the EWQLSO Plat
    ( I hope it makes sense : )

    Hearing many of the demos from both libraries, I feel they are both very good, they can definately work together, some demos done with both libraries sound excellent.

    If I had to describe both libraries (in general), I would say that VSL pro has a bit more detail to their sound, and EWQLSO, offers the big lush and warm sound, so having both would make the best scenario.

    Q2) What do users of the EWQLSO plat. edition think of the Strings of the Library as far as quality, and applications you can use them in (i.e. Classical, Baroque, Soundtrack, New Age, ...etc.) ? any comments on the other sections would also be nice : )
    I find the strings to always be the critical section of all currently available orchestral libraries, I would say that roughly 70% of an orchestral piece I would write would use strings (30% Brass, woodwinds, Perc.), that strings are the toughest to emulate, and are usualy what gives the listner the clue to the fake orchestra, so if the strings can get as close as possible to the real strings then, maybe most of the hard work is done, brass, percussion and woodwind sections are a bit easier to make convincing to the listner.

    Many demos I hear seem to mask the strings, with a lot of brass, and percussion, which makes it harder to evaluate the strings, it would be nice to hear more demos that expose the string section without a lot of Brass and percussion taking center stage.

    Q3) Does the VSL perfomance set make a big impact on realism ? does it require a lot of planning, and experimenting, that can slow down the creative process, or is it a pleasure to work with, and just enhances the creative process, and realism ?
    I will be using Macs for all the libraries. most likely two G5 duals, the EWQLSO can run on one G5 as a stand alone, and the second G5 would run Logic 6 pro.+VSL.


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    Re: EWQLSO Plat. W/VSL-Pro Questions+comments

    Is this a Taboo Subject ?

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    Re: EWQLSO Plat. W/VSL-Pro Questions+comments

    Q1: Strings
    Q3: Yes, it does make a difference.

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    Re: EWQLSO Plat. W/VSL-Pro Questions+comments

    Thank You for the feedback, and Yes, as you had recommended, I did a search on the topic, and discovered that this has been quite a popular one, so it was not a taboo subject after all. ;-}

    VSL and EWQLSO seem to be a very nice match for producing realistic orchestral music.

    I have already purchased EWQLSO Plat. edition, I will be looking into some VSL titles, most likely the strings and woodwinds plus some horizon libraries, the performance set seems to be one of the keys to the added realism of VSL, although this one is quite expensive, and to make all this work, I will need the computer power to run them on.

    A long journey ahead....

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