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Topic: Gary To Deliver Demo Of Gpo In Edinburgh, Scotland

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    Post Gary To Deliver Demo Of Gpo In Edinburgh, Scotland

    I hope that this will be of interest to anyone who wants to meet with Gary. It is a wonderful opportunity for all Scotland and the event is free. Please tell as many people as you can about this. Look forward to seeing and chatting with you as well!

    Ged Brockie
    PNW European Co-ordinator

    Hummie Mann, double Emmy award-winning score composer invites you to a Q&A session on:
    The direction of music within Hollywood and New Media in the 21st century

    How music maximises your product earning potential

    Gary Garritan, author of ground-breaking orchestral software and world leader in sample software, will demo The Garritan Personal Orchestra and host a Q&A session on the software and its possibilities.

    GPO has featured recently in (amongst others): CSI - Crime Scene Investigation, and the City, Monk and the MTV Music Awards.

    Join Hummie and Gary with Ged Brockie (currently lecturing on GPO at The European Film Scoring School) on 30th August 2004, 7.30pm at The Ian Tomlin School of Music, Napier University, Craighouse Road, Edinburgh

    To add your name to the guest list please email Marie Storrar (marie@springcorp.co.uk) or call 0131 332 1179.

    Hummie Mann, Gary Garritan and Ged Brockie are lecturing at The European Film Scoring School at Napier University. This intensive course focuses on composition, orchestration and the ability to write to picture within the framework of the Hollywood orchestral sound.

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    Re: Gary To Deliver Demo Of Gpo In Edinburgh, Scotland

    Oh, and just to say that there will be FREE WINE!!! and some nibbles as well at the event....if that dosn't get you out in your droves, nothing will ;-)

    Ged Brockie

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    Re: Gary To Deliver Demo Of Gpo In Edinburgh, Scotland

    Sounds interesting. If we offer Gary free wine, will he come to South Africa to deliver the demos?

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    Re: Gary To Deliver Demo Of Gpo In Edinburgh, Scotland

    Being a direct descendent of The Black Douglas, I wish I could return to Scotland (in fact, I might defect back to the homeland anyway ). I’m glad to see that Gary is having a global impact. It is amazing what a humble man can still achieve in this world. I would love to shake his hand someday. U.K. folks should take advantage of this (Hardy, it’s safe to go to Scotland now).

    Now Gary, just don’t eat anything offered to you with the name “Haggis” while in Edinburgh . Oh yea, and take a digital camera to snap some purple mountains.

    "So what if some parts of life are a crap shoot? Get out there and shoot the crap." -- Neil Peart
    Hint:1.6180339887498948482 Φ

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    Re: Gary To Deliver Demo Of Gpo In Edinburgh, Scotland

    I was at the PNW film scoring workshop in Seattle this summer, and Gary came in to present GPO to the class.

    It was great seeing him in person, describing how GPO came into existence and hearing him describe (though rather cryptically) the amazing things being developed for GPO.

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    Talking Re: Gary To Deliver Demo Of Gpo In Edinburgh, Scotland

    Cool, does he have to ware Kilts?
    Gary gets all the fun all the time. You'ld think he was a sample developer or somepinz like dats!
    Take good care of our main man.

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