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Topic: GIGA making strange sounds

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    Question GIGA making strange sounds

    Since we're all sitting around waiting for GIGA 3 ....

    I'm wondering if any of you have had (and hopefully solved) this particular problem. I'm working on a commercial that get's pretty thick near the end at which point GIGA spits out seemingly random(and out of tune) pitches. They sound almost as if the playback sample rate gets fouled up during the playback of a sample and then corrects itself. There's nothing consistent about it either. Different patches screw up at different times. Voice count is about 85, CPU 10%. Something tells me that it may be related to a large amount of midi volume data hitting giga. Any thoughts greatly appreciated

    Dedicated giga machine: Soundchaser TK1 (1.4 ghz Athlon, 1 gig RAM)
    Delta 1010, MOTU Micro Express
    Win 98 se

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    Re: GIGA making strange sounds

    The only thing I've heard that sounds at all like you're describing is a problem where if a looped sample does not have the end loop point exactly at the end of the sample data, this happens:


    I only played one note, and held it for the entire duration of the recording. The "plink" at the end is spurious/unintended.

    Are you using any instruments which use looped samples?


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    Re: GIGA making strange sounds

    I have had something similar happen, but only when writing in Finale and using Giga to listen. My sequencer (Sonar) has never done that. Might be an issue with your sequencer rather than Giga. Just a guess.


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